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Pumpkin Spice
Craig Brown
Very good

Excellent coffee. So smooth

Cinnamon Cappuccino

Grata Medium Roast
Suzanne Burkardt

Great tasting smooth coffee

Great coffee

Bold but smooth and flavorful

Crème Brulee
Teresa Nitting
C’est si bon

This flavored coffee is delicious. It’s like having dessert!!!

Since discovering Lifeboost about a year ago I have not used any other coffee. The fact that they are not harvested until the beans are ripe and ph is low makes them much healthier for me. I love the medium and dark roast.

Dark Roast Decaf
Linda Damon
Delicious coffee

Full flavor, not bitter and a delicious decaf in general.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle - My Fav!

Absolutely love this flavor! It’s the first cup I have every morning. So disappointed it’s going to a seasonal flavor but I’m stocking up now!

Pretty good!

Has a very light cinnamon and sweet frosting taste. Not one of my top flavors but still really good!

Sherry Kibbe

Excellent flavor!! Smooth too!

Flavored Sample Pack
Karlynn Craig
Flavored Sample Pack

It was great to sample so many different flavors and then decide without needing to buy a bag that you may not like!

Kathy Bodle-Perez
Warm toasty flavor!

I love how smooth and yet nutty this coffee is.

Our daily go to

Three out of 4 people in our house are recommended to drink decaf. This brew fits that and still delivers a superior flavor than others we have tried.

Half Caff Coffee Pods
Jacqueline Captein
Heartburn relief

My husband is a two-time kidney transplant recipient so takes quite a bit of immunosuppression medications. He gets heartburn quite easily. Your coffee made a difference right away! He no longer gets heartburn after his morning cups of coffee. Thank you!

Smooth taste

This blend has just the right amount of the Cinnamon flavor that presents an excellent coffee at any time of the day. Another great selection from Lifeboost’s selection of coffee!

Grata Medium Roast
Linda Jurney
Best Decision Ever!

The low acid, mold free coffee is the best change I could have made. I am a LifeBoost Lifer!!

My 3rd favorite on the list

I tried crême brulée first (currently sold out 😞) then light roast and hazelnut. Recently the expresso. I am sold on the low acid and great taste. 👍 now I can enjoy a cup and not having to worry abut the acid reflux.

One of my fav

I was skeptical until I tried the crême brulée and light roast. Neither one bothered me and I was sold. I even tried the expresso recently although I stay away from dark. But no complaints. For a while I could have any and it was difficult to resist the smell of coffee sometimes, and I would go for it and pay the price of acid I can enjoy a cup again. Truly low acidity and rich taste.

Awesome taste and truly low acid

I normally stay away from dark and expresso but I tried and it is truly low acidity. Now enjoy a cup if coffee almost daily . My favorite is the crême brulée. Light roast and recently hazelnut.

Smooth coffee

I normally like the bolder coffees, but this medium roast surprised me! It had a little bit of a nutty flavor, nice body, and so smoooth. Loved it. 😋

Carbon Neutral Order

Very Good

I like it

Vermont Maple Crème!

I invited and older friend for coffee and remembered at the last minute that he ALWAYS uses cream in his coffee .. oops, no cream in the house.. I brewed the Vermont Maple Crème and told him he’d have to settle. Twice I heard him quietly say, “This is Really good!” Nuff said!

Medium Roast Coffee Pods
Carolyn Thompson
No more pain!!

Excellent coffee!
I’m grateful I found this coffee with great flavor and my stomach doesn’t hurt!!!

Grata Medium Roast
Irina Roller

Grata Medium Roast