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  • My morning ritual is to make a slow-brewed batch of French pressed Lifeboost medium roast coffee, served hot, nearly daily.

    I drink my coffee 2 different ways: I’ve recently been savoring my Lifeboost with a hefty splash of organic A2/A2 heavy whipping cream, plus or minus a swirl of collagen.

    Before that, I was an exceedingly long-term semi-sedentary, semi-athletic mom following an intermittent fasting protocol with near-daily bulletproof style coffees for 8 years!!!

    Amron Bevels, MD, Nutritionist

    Woke Woman Programming
    Grounding & Ascension for Women, from Root to Crown.
    Wellness Programming for Women's Ascension.

  • We enjoy using essential oils to help us get into a get-up-and-go mindset at the beginning of the day. Here's one of our go-to recipes:

    (From The Healing Power of Essential Oils)
    3 drops orange essential oil
    2 drops peppermint essential oil
    1 drop rosemary essential oil


    1. Fill the diffuser with water as directed.
    2. Add the essential oils.
    3. Turn on the diffuser immediately upon rising in the morning to permeate the room with the aroma as you get ready for the day.
    4. Turn off the diffuser when done. You can keep this mixture in the diffuser and use it every morning until the diffuser is empty.

    Eric Zielinski, DC & Sabrina Ann Zielinski (Mrs Georgia 2019)

Recommended by Professionals

"Lifeboost Coffee is my favorite! It’s extremely low acid and easy on the stomach. It gets my 5 star recommendation."

Dr. Aaron Oxenrider

Board Certified Dentist

"Low acid coffee
Best tasting low acid coffee ever! And it’s great on your teeth!"

Dr. Gary Sanchez

Board Certified Dentist

Diplomate of Anti-Aging Medicine, ABHRT,
Fellow of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional
Medicine, Certified Brain Health Coach, GX Trainer
GX Provider, Certified in Nutrigenomics & Weight Management
Certified in Brain Fitness

Mike Clark MBA, JD, PhD

"Seeking Perfect Health"


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My husband is a coffee lover and when I bought this as a surprise, so he can enjoy his cup of joe but with healthy ingredients and beans that haven’t been treated with pesticides and from farms who take pride in quality, he was impressed. He said the coffee is super smooth and bold. There’s no turning back to the other stuff. Thanks for bringing this into our home.

So happy to hear your husband is enjoying the coffee Mart! :)

French Vanilla
Timothy Michael Walker
Rewards program

LifeBoost coffee is the absolute best and by my purchases, you can see that. My issue is the restriction on how I or other customers use our reward points. Life is short, and it is my fervent belief that if I want to us some, most, or all of my purchase points, I should be able to. Thank you. Timothy Walker

So happy to hear you are enjoying the coffee Timothy! We do take all suggestions into consideration!

Medium Roast
Debbie Speights
Medium Roast

Love this coffee, no indigestion from drinking it is a winner in my book. It tastes amazing! Can't wait to try my Caramel Macchiato!

So happy to hear you are able to enjoy your coffee without the indigestion afterward Debbie! :)

Just like Baby Bear’s Soup…

Not too much. Not too little. Dark Chocolate Coconut medium roast ground/Tbl. Organic honey.Just a hint of coconut. not that expensive if buying bundles. I like cup but not photo/need one saying Lifeboost

So happy to hear you are enjoying the Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle Drue! Thank you! :)

Good coffee

Coffee usuaslly gives me that restlesness that cofee for some people do, but this decaf does not have that effect at all. Very smooth and non acidic. Love it. I would buy it more often if it wasn't that expensive.

So glad you enjoyed your coffee Krista! The reason we are on the “pricier side” is because we take pride in giving you the cleanest healthiest cup of coffee possible. Our coffee beans are single origin, shade grown, pesticide free, and we 3rd party test for mycotoxins. We do have ways to bring the price down such as subscriptions and bundled pricing.

One bag of liquid too big for fridge, only for party

So disappointed in packaging. I thought this came in refrigerator friendly packaging but 96 ounces in a big soft flat bag with no support is ridiculous!

So sorry for the confusion in packaging. The bags are supposed to stay in the box when put in the fridge. There is a perforated spot for the spout to come out of.

Finest Coffee Available

This coffee is so smooth. Never upsets my stomach and so rich in flavor! I like to use it as the foundation for my morning sugar free iced vanilla late. Made with sugar free vanilla syrup and unsweetened almond milk! A very high quality coffee. The best part… if you ever have an issue, the owner and CEO will answer all concerns promptly! How many companies today offer that kind customer service/support?! Sold for life!!

That sounds delicious Eric!! So glad to hear you are enjoying your coffee!

Deliciously Yummy!

No one ever really wants to get out of their warm bed and start their day, but it’s a little easier for me knowing I’m gonna have a deliciously yummy cup of coffee to get out of bed to! Whether you like it plain or add some pumpkin spice, it’s yummy either way!
I love it so much, I subscribed to the Auto-Ship and never have to worry about running out of my favorite coffee!

Love the picture! So glad you are enjoying your coffee! :)

Awesome coffee

Smooth great quality coffee! Love

Thank you Tina! Happy to hear you are enjoying your coffee!

Coffee every day

We are enjoying the Lifeboost medium roast beans this was our 2nd order and plan to order more very good coffee” no more store bought beans for us, I’m glad we seen an add for Lifeboost great coffee as advertised

So great to hear Thomas! Great picture too!

Happy then sad

I bought this and for a while I absolutely loved it. I gave my other two pots away because I felt I'd found the perfect one. Then a couple days ago with no warning at all it just died. I checked outlets and everything else I could think of. Unfortunately I didn't keep the box it came in. Very disappointed but as they say buyer beware..

1x Medium Roast
Naomi Scott

Love the coffee!

Great picture Naomi! So happy to hear that you are enjoying the coffee

Embolden Dark Roast
Susan Ribeiro

First time ever I have been able to sit and sip a cup of black dark coffee. Wanted to wean off of dairy, your coffee has been a game changer

Thank you so much for such a kind review Susan! Beautiful picture as well!!

Medium Roast
Stephen Jones
Good Coffee

It's really good stuff. Drink a pot a day.

Love the Dark - Medium is Light

Lifeboost is my go-to coffee and I'll be signing up for the regular delivery since they roast to your order. I look forward to receiving the Midnight Roast because I like a dark and full-bodied flavor in my coffee. My brew of choice is French-press because I can get the most out of the flavor profile of the coffee bean (see pic). The medium roast seems to be too light as a medium so I will only be getting dark and espresso from here on. Here's to a good cup-o-joe!

So great to hear you found your perfect roast Beth!!

Best coffee ever!!

I found this coffee when I was intermittent fasting and needed to drink my coffee black. My Community Coffee just eats my stomach up. I’ve since purchased several boxes and I love this brand. It’s a little pricier than my regular coffee but I love it.

What a beautiful cup of coffee Dana! So glad you are enjoying! Make sure you're signed up for text/emails so you don't miss out on any sales/discounts we may send out!

Hazelnut Decaf
Elana Epple
Evening brew

I love this coffee for evenings where I want a nice hot cup of coffee but don’t want the caffeine. This is absolutely delicious!! And totally hits the spot!

Beautiful picture Elana!

Medium Roast Decaf
Becky Stutzman
Best coffee!

My husband used to get bad heartburn from drinking other coffee, and even his ears would close up on him! This coffee does not have that affect! It’s absolutely good and clean! Wouldn’t go back to anything else!

That is a beautiful picture Becky! So glad to hear your husband no longer suffers from heartburn after his coffee!

Best coffee ever

I became a nespresso pod machine person but wanted/needed a less acidic cup of coffee. I have gone back to my old school pour over Chemex method. The Embolden Dark Roast is my favorite 🤩. A very delicious cup of coffee ☕️ that I mostly enjoy just black. I highly recommend Lifeboost so much so that I do not mind the extra steps to grind and brew it each morning. I consider it a bit of a Zen ritual now. Thank you Lifeboost!

What a beautiful picture Pamela!

Medium Roast Decaf
Michele Nichols
Boosted but not shaking

This coffee has the right taste, you know earthy, rich, not bitter, fresh, and I drink 4 parts decaf and 1 part medium roast every morning. I grind my beans, put it in the French press, and enjoy divine coffee with no jitters. My coffee puts coffeehouse offerings to shame, I’m too spoiled to drink my coffee out now…

That is a beautiful cup of coffee Michele!

Medium Roast Decaf
Dylan Pierce
Smooth and delicious

It tastes great the smoothness and lack of acidity is very good. It's good to know too it is clean of any trace chemicals and toxins. The decaf doesn't make me feel caffiened.

Medium Roast
Cher DiModica
For years now

We’ve been ordering this coffee for years now by subscription. We started out with it in south Florida and when we moved to northern Illinois, there it was waiting for us on our new stoop. It is consistent and a must to start our day.

Wherever you go, Lifeboost will be there :) What a wonderful picture as we agree to start our day with coffee being the first thing!

Love it!

Super delicious! I can definitely taste the blueberry. I’m dairy free so used almond and coconut milk. No sugar! Love that I can get unique flavors in decaf. Whole beans brewed in a French press.

Thanks for sharing Kristina! Perfect combination you have :)

Embolden Dark Roast
Lifeboost Forever Fan
The Very Best Coffee

We have tried several different brands of coffee over the years and have yet to find anything that comes close to the purity of coffee or flavor as Lifeboost. Thank you for this excellent product.

Thank you! We are so happy that you love all of the benefits of our coffee, and enjoy drinking a cup in the morning!

Medium Roast Decaf
Ed Clarke Knives

This coffee not only tastes superior to any I’ve had before, it’s decaffeinated too! I have always been able to taste the difference between regular and decaffeinated coffees, but not with Life Boost- it all has the same rich, deep flavor while being low acid. I Love It!

Hello Ed,
We are so happy that you love our Decaf coffee! The Swiss Water Method is what we use to Decaffeinate the coffee. This insures that the Decaf tastes clean with no chemicals, and is as beneficial as our regular caffeinated coffee!