Our Ambassadors of Health are an elite group of licensed doctors and certified health professionals who believe in and truly embody our message that health is your most valuable asset in life. If you want to feel your best, feed your body the best source that you can find.

They recommend the cleanest, healthiest products to their patients so their patients can thrive in life, and that includes Lifeboost Coffee!

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Dr. Jockers

Showcased: Taylor Dukes, MSN, FNP-BC

Taylor Dukes is a pioneering Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in functional medicine. Founder of a private practice in Texas and creator of an online health and wellness store, Taylor is dedicated to transforming lives through holistic approaches.

Founder of Holistic Health & Wellness Line

Taylor's passion for functional and integrative medicine inspired her to launch her own supplement and healthy living product line, so she could help more people restore their well-being with products they can trust.

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Transforming Lives Through Functional Medicine

For individuals facing complex health challenges, including unexplained infertility, Taylor's approach, rooted in comprehensive lab testing and lifestyle modification, has enabled countless patients to achieve optimal health and, for many, the joy of parenthood.

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Champion of Gut Health and Wellness

Taylor's own health transformation fuels her passion for educating others about the importance of gut health as the foundation for overall well-being. Her comprehensive approach addresses diet, lifestyle, and stress management.

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Taylor Dukes, an esteemed Lifeboost Ambassador of Health, embodies the principles of health and wellness in her personal and professional life. A proponent of the clean, toxin-tested, and organic standards of Lifeboost Coffee, Taylor incorporates our products into her holistic health regimen, sharing the benefits of our coffee with her community.

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