Types of Macchiato

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Macchiatos are versatile coffee drinks with a rich espresso flavor. Often mistaken for an espresso, a macchiato can actually be made in a few different ways.

Unlike espresso, macchiatos cut through the bitter coffee flavor with milk.

So how exactly do you make a macchiato, and what types of macchiato are there? Using our article as a guide, you’ll be able to make a macchiato for any occasion. 

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What Is a Macchiato?

macchiato types

Coffee is a nuanced drink with a heap of variations, so understanding what you’re ordering at your local coffee shop or cafe can be tricky. We’ve all had that moment where we stare blankly at the barista when they ask us for our order like a deer in the headlights.

We’re here to clear the confusion. 

A macchiato is a drink that combines a shot of espresso with a thin layer of frothed milk. Some people also refer to this drink as an espresso with milk. There are two different primary variations on macchiatos, though, which include an espresso macchiato and a latter or tall macchiato.

To make an espresso macchiato, you need to use your favorite brand of beans (we recommend the bold and rich Lifeboost Coffee dark roast coffee beans) and brew a shot of espresso into your cup. Then you add a thin, frothy layer of milk to the top of your drink, pouring slowly to not let them mix. 

A tall macchiato, or latte macchiato, is made with much more milk. 

It’s similar to a regular latte, but the espresso is added to the milk rather than the other way around. Using a mug, you’ll need to add three-quarters of warm or steamed milk. Then you can add a shot (of half shot) of espresso, and top it all off with a layer of frothed milk. This creates a much bigger drink than a standard macchiato. 

Most coffee shops offer these two macchiato variations. However, you may have noticed that specialty coffee shops offer a much wider range of this delicious drink. From caramel and hazelnut macchiatos to extravagant cinnamon almond milk macchiatos, there’s a macchiato for almost every kind of coffee lover. 

Types Of Macchiato

Hazelnut Macchiatowhat are the types of macchiato

The amazing thing about coffee is that it can almost always be changed to suit your taste. If you like the rich, nutty flavor of hazelnut, then you may enjoy a tall, flavorful hazelnut macchiato

To make this decadent drink yourself, you need to brew your espresso and keep it to one side. You can brew one or two shots depending on how strong you want your drink; or even half a shot if you’d prefer a lighter hint of coffee instead. 

Although we’re using hazelnut syrup for our recipe, you can also use hazelnut-flavored coffee beans to get a more subtle nut flavor. Lifeboost has a whole range of Flavored Coffee Beans that are perfect substitutes for costly and surgery syrups.

Using your favorite hazelnut syrup or coffee creamer, you can add it before or after your steamed milk. 

Once you’ve poured your warm milk into your mug, you can go ahead and add your espresso and frothed milk topping. For an extra-sweet touch, you can add a drizzle of chocolate, caramel, or vanilla flavored sauce directly onto the foam. 

Caramel Macchiato

A caramel macchiato is truly a classic coffee drink. Offered at most coffee shops, this is a firm favorite among many macchiato lovers. 

To make a caramel macchiato, you can use the same method as the hazelnut variation. 

This time, you’ll want to use vanilla syrup or vanilla-flavored coffee beans to give your drink the sweet, indulgent taste of caramel. Of course, you can top your drink with any sauce that you like, but we suggest a caramel sauce for an even stronger caramel taste.

Creme Brulee Macchiato

the types of macchiato

This is yet another variation on the tall or latte macchiato. A creme brulee macchiato is deliciously sweet and can make for a great treat when you’re craving something to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

This drink uses creme brulee flavored syrup to make the glazed, sugary taste come to life. Once again, you can top your drink with a sauce of your choice. But if you want the authentic creme brulee feel, you can always top it with a sprinkle of lightly burnt sugar, too. 

Iced Macchiato

We absolutely love the versatility of a great macchiato. While a warm, sweet drink is always welcome, you can also make your favorite latte macchiato into an iced coffee. 

Using your choice of syrup flavor and topping, simply replace the warm milk in a regular latte macchiato with cold milk. You can also leave some room in your cup for a handful of ice blocks to quench your thirst on those extra hot days. 

If you’re making an iced macchiato, we suggest mixing your syrup into your espresso to allow for it to dissolve and give your drink a stronger flavor. 

Cloud Macchiato

If you know anything about coffee, then we’re sure you’ve seen - or at least heard about - a cloud macchiato. These fluffy drinks are taking over the internet and for a good reason. 

While they may not be to everyone’s taste, they give a great alternative to a sweet latte macchiato. Instead, this drink uses a short macchiato to give the drink a much darker coffee taste. 

To make a cloud macchiato, you need to brew one to two shots of your favorite espresso into your favorite mug. Then, using a large mixing bowl, add a small amount of milk or a dairy alternative. This will make the base of your foam cloud. 

The difference between a classic short macchiato and a cloud macchiato is the amount of frothed milk you add to the top. With a cloud macchiato, the froth has a much thicker, foamy texture to it and resembles a cloud on top of your drink - hence the drink’s name. 

To your milk, you need to add a small amount of egg white powder. This is what gives the foam the light, fluffy texture that we love. Then, simply beat or mix the milk and egg white powder until it starts to thicken, similar to making a meringue. 

Before your foam is ready, add a teaspoon of sugar and a touch of vanilla extract for flavor, and continue to beat your mixture until it forms thick, stiff foam peaks. What Is a MacchiatoUsing a spoon, gently place your foam cloud onto the top of your espresso. Voila. You now have a cloud macchiato. Depending on your preference, you can also add a drizzle of your favorite sauce over the foam to cut the bitterness of your espresso. 

If you want to get creative with different flavors and variations on the cloud macchiato, why not try out our recipe for a cocoa cloud macchiato or cinnamon cloud macchiato


So there you have it. Now that you know what a macchiato is and how to make a couple of macchiato variations, you can get as creative with your drink as you’d like. Alternatively, you can sit back and enjoy a classic macchiato to help start your day. 

If you want to make the best macchiato around, then you should try out Lifeboost Coffee. Our flavored coffee comes in tons of unique and interesting flavor combinations, so you can make incredible-tasting macchiatos to suit your palate.

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