Marble Mocha Macchiato

3 min read JUN 14, 2022

Coffee, the dark brew that gives us that well-needed extra boost of energy and leaves us feeling euphoric after a single sip, has been around for more than 500 years.

There have been many variations of our favorite morning brew since its first use in Yemen around the 15th century. Like the hazelnut mocha macchiato, another modern variation is the marble mocha macchiato, which incorporates chocolate and caffeine, doesn’t that sound like the perfect flavor combination?

The following article details exactly what a marble mocha macchiato is and ways you can make this delicious, caffeinated drink at home.

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What Is a Marble Mocha Macchiato   

Marble mocha macchiato was created by baristas who wanted to create a combination of flavors into a single drink. It’s similar to a caramel macchiato, but the opulent twist is that it incorporates white mocha sauce and chocolate or mocha drizzle.

To put it simply, a marble mocha macchiato is a combination of cafe mocha and a white chocolate mocha giving off subtle tastes of coffee with a chocolate explosion.

marble mocha macchiato recipe

There are different versions of the drink where instead of using mocha sauce, you use your favorite chocolate syrup.

What You Need to Make One

The first thing you need is 2% milk: 8 ounces to be exact. A white chocolate syrup, also known as a white mocha sauce, is also crucial. It makes up the majority of flavors for the drink, so make sure you find a quality product. You can use as much as you desire.

You also need brewed espresso if you’re making it from scratch, and a tablespoon of your favorite chocolate dressing.

If you’re in a bit of a rush and severely craving a to-go cup of coffee, then you can easily get the basics of the drink, which is a bag of caramel macchiato beans.

Thankfully, you can get it from Lifeboostcoffee, with a decaf option available for those who aren’t huge fans of caffeine. We also have a wide variety of flavored coffee beans for however you want to spice up your favorite hot drinks.

iced marble mocha macchiato 

Making Your Marble Mocha Macchiato

Once you have all your ingredients, it's time to put them together and enjoy your delicious marble mocha macchiato.

The first thing you need to do is steam 8 ounces of 2% milk until it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the milk is heating up, pour your white chocolate or white mocha macchiato sauce into the bottom of your coffee mug. The bigger the mug, the better.

Once the bottom is covered, add your freshly brewed espresso, or the brewed cloud mocha caramel macchiato beans.

There should be two distinct layers. A layer of white mocha sauce and a thick layer of coffee – don’t stir them together just yet.

Once your milk has reached the correct temperature, slowly pour it into your mug until the froth reaches the brim of the mug.

The last thing before you can enjoy your warm caffeinated beverage is to drizzle the top of your drink with your favorite chocolate syrup. You can even add caramel syrup for an enhanced burst of flavor.

If you’re feeling creative, you can have a go at making some coffee art with the syrup. Usually, baristas use syrup to create a crosshatch pattern on the top.

caramel mocha macchiato


The marble mocha macchiato is a deliciously caffeinated drink with an indulgent chocolate taste. It’s a great twist to the traditional caramel macchiato, and the great thing is you can have it as an iced or hot coffee.

Now that you’re an expert in coffee making and you know what a mocha macchiato is, it's time to put your barista skills to the test and start making your marble mocha macchiato at home.

If you’d like to find out more about coffee, like what the difference between a white chocolate mocha and a caramel macchiato is, check out our extensive blog section for more information.

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