Macchiato vs Mocha

8 min read JUN 14, 2022

If you’re new to the coffee game, you’ve probably noticed a variety of Italian words used to describe the different drinks available.

Some sound similar or share similar ingredients, and if you aren’t familiar with the names, you might end up ordering the wrong item.

We’re here to break down the differences between a macchiato and a mocha and ensure that you know what you’re ordering or making the next time you want a coffee.

What This Article Covers:

Mochaccino vs Macchiato


A mocha, or mochaccino, combines the creamy texture of a latte and sweetens it up using chocolate sauce or syrup. 

It’s a favorite amongst coffee enthusiasts as you can control the balance between coffee and caffeine.

mochaccino vs macchiato

Mochas consist of espresso and chocolate sauce forming the base of the drink. The chocolate sauce makes the espresso sweeter and takes away some of the harsh strength in caffeine.

Once you have the chocolate espresso base, a generous amount of milk is added. It goes best with steamed milk with all the foam being removed before adding it to the cup.

Don’t worry about your choice of milk. Whichever type of dairy or dairy substitute you choose works great with this combination of flavors.

To add to that sense of luxurious decadence, many baristas add whipped cream or chocolate shavings to top it all off.

We recommend using Lifeboost’s Double Dark Mocha beans or grounds to get the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee.

mocha vs macchiato

Not only are they rich and bold in flavor, but they are sugar and calorie-free, making for a healthier and more authentic product.

The combination of chocolate and coffee makes for a sweet treat to have on a cold morning or night.


Macchiatos, on the other hand, don’t have the same notes of sweetness. Instead, they’re simply a combination of strong coffee and milk. It’s a base of espresso with a few spoons of foamed milk; just enough to make for a creamy but strong espresso.

You don’t have to use a lot of milk to make for a macchiato, in fact, in Italian it means ‘stained’ or ‘marked.’ This describes the appearance after the milk is added to the espresso base.

It’s a simplistic drink, so you don’t have to use a lot of ingredients or go through a long process to make one. Simply use an espresso powder or beans of your choice to brew an espresso as a base in your cup.

Once you’ve warmed up the milk of your choice, you can use a milk frother or whisk to get a dry foam texture. This is characterized by large, stiff bubbles that keep their shape, rather than the smaller bubbles present in microfoam.

This foam is scooped up and layered on top of the espresso base, making a macchiato with clear, defined levels.

Choosing Your Beans

If the espresso from your local supermarket is too strong and you want to sweeten up your macchiato, we have a solution.

We recommend using Lifeboost’s caramel macchiato coffee beans, adding that caramel taste and aroma to a rich espresso. This brings a flavor closely resembling a caramel mocha macchiato.

difference between mocha and macchiato

So when these two are put up against each other, who comes out on top? The decision isn’t simply a matter of one being better than the other as they are different in their ways.

A mochaccino is for those wanting a more sweet coffee to enjoy, a favorite amongst those who don’t have a strong caffeine tolerance.

Macchiatos on the other hand are strong in taste and rich in flavor, a drink that many Italians enjoy in the morning.

The decision of which drink is better all depends on the consumer's preference or on what time of the day it might be. If you think you can promote this amazing product to other people, check out our coffee affiliate program.

Who’s it for?

Maybe having a mocha in the morning is too sweet for some people so they would prefer it as an evening beverage.

With all this talk about mocha and macchiatos, coffee barristers decided to fuse the two and make a mocha macchiato. 

But how does that work? What exactly is a mocha macchiato and who is it for?

What is a Mocha Macchiato?

Mocha macchiatos bring the best of both worlds and allow the two contestants to settle their differences and come together as one.

A mocha macchiato can either be hot or cold, but we’ve been talking so much about the hot drinks, let’s take a trip to the cool side. 

Many prefer to have mocha macchiatos as an iced beverage on a hot day to give them a cool, chocolatey hug.

A popular choice amongst coffee enthusiasts out of all the mocha macchiatos would be the marble mocha macchiato. 

what is a mocha macchiato

It’s a take on an iced caramel macchiato but contains white chocolate mocha sauce forming the lower base.

Putting together a mocha macchiato of your own isn’t difficult at all. Taking inspiration from the macchiato, start by making a base of chocolate sauce or syrup. 

If you want to make an iced white mocha macchiato, you can make use of white chocolate sauce or shavings.

You then add ice cubes. Though it’s counterintuitive, the more ice the better. By making sure that the drink has plenty of ice, it keeps everything cold so the ice doesn’t melt. This stops it from turning back into water and diluting your drink.

Next, add the milk and espresso of your choice, and voila, you have yourself a mocha macchiato. It’s a mixed drink, so there’s no need to worry over the order you add them.

Mocha macchiatos take the espresso element found in macchiatos and fuse it with the chocolatey goodness of a mocha.

Chocolate doesn’t have to be the star of the show however as many coffee enthusiasts prefer hazelnut mocha macchiatos, a nutty and delightfully luxuriantly drink.

Macchiato vs Mocha vs Latte

When adding latte into the fight, we have three unique contestants.

Macchiatos are very traditional in how they are made, presented, and tasted. It’s a strong espresso-based drink that many uses as a pick-me-up or morning beverage to start the day off right.

Mochas still have that warm temperature found in macchiatos, but with the inclusion of chocolate in the mix. 

This is for coffee drinkers who don’t want something as strong as macchiatos and prefer something sweeter.

If you were to compare a caramel macchiato against white chocolate mocha, both contain elements of sweetness.

However, the espresso found in the macchiato is more dominant than the espresso in a mocha because of the lower milk content.

mocha vs latte vs macchiato

Lattes, compared to macchiatos and mochas, take a different approach when it comes to the ratio of espresso to milk.

Macchiatos and mochas have more espresso than milk in them, lattes are milky and creamy with a hint of espresso.


Lattes are prepared in a similar way to making a warm mocha cloud macchiato, except the flavorings like nuts and chocolate aren’t necessary when preparing a latte.

All you need to do is heat your milk over medium heat, whisk it to create the foam, and brew your espresso.

Once all the prep work is finished, you use the warm milk as a base, add the espresso and top it all off with the foam from the milk.

Lattes get both milk and foam, so the dairy outweighs the espresso.

Deciding on a winner between these 3 beverages isn’t an easy task as they all depend on what you’re looking for.

If you want something sweet that still gives you a good caffeine kick, mochas are for you. Macchiatos are for those wanting nothing but a caffeine and the taste of.

Lattes are very well-rounded drinks as they aren’t extremely strong, but they don’t have to be super sweet.

Mocha vs Latte vs Cappuccino vs Macchiato

Now that we have another contender, they will need a bit of an introduction.

Cappuccinos are all about balance. Where our other beverages we are comparing all have one ingredient that dominates the rest, cappuccinos have an equal spread in ingredients that makes for a perfectly balanced beverage.

The ingredients can be divided into thirds. You will need a third of espresso, a third of steamed milk, and a third of foam from the steamed milk.

mocha vs latte vs cappuccino vs macchiato

Once all the prep work such as steaming the milk and brewing the espresso is finished, you make a base of espresso, pour the milk over it, and add the foam.

They’re smooth and the combination of the ingredients makes for a foamy yet natural coffee flavor, perfect for a morning beverage.


Out of all our contestants, mochas come out as being the sweetest and closer to something you would enjoy on a cold evening.

Lattes are the creamiest due to them containing more dairy than anything else. Couple this with a slice of chocolate cake and you have yourself a beautiful afternoon treat.

Cappuccinos are probably the most well-rounded out of the lot given they strive for equality amongst the ingredients. It’s perfect for those wanting a coffee that isn’t too strong or too sweet.

Finally, macchiatos stand out as being the strongest of them all. Its pure espresso base with only a hint of milk makes for a strong caffeine taste that’ll warm you and wake you up in the morning.

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