Iced Salted Caramel Macchiato

4 min read FEB 17, 2022

Ice, caramel, salt, and coffee. These are the elements to making the perfect iced salted caramel macchiato.

We will show you a step-by-step guide to putting these elements together so that you can enjoy a cold, refreshing beverage.

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How to Make a Salted Caramel Macchiato  

Caramel plays the main role in making this drink delicious, but it isn’t the base. You want to ensure that the caramel syrup or drizzle is used at the end of the brewing process as this will bind all the individual ingredients together.

Taking a trip to flavor town includes stopping off at the vanilla station, which will act as our base. Many iced espresso macchiatos use vanilla syrup or extract to give the drink that sense of sweetness.salted caramel macchiato icedThis in combination with caramel syrup makes for a dynamic flavor duo that works in harmony to satisfy your taste buds.

We are going to need some milk. Whether you are making an iced caramel macchiato with almond milk or regular milk, choosing your milk is all based on personal preference.

Vegans will be pleased to find out that oat milk works wonders in a salted caramel macchiato. The thicker texture and slightly savory taste pair well with the sweetness of the caramel and fragrant vanilla syrup or extract.

Every macchiato needs some caffeine in it. 2 ounces of Espresso powder or grounds will be perfect, but Lifeboost also offers dark-roast coffee that can make for a strong and flavorful caffeine kick without any of the harmful additives or high levels of acid.

Next up is the ice. Whilst you can use normal ice cubes for your macchiato, if you have any leftover coffee, we recommend freezing it into ice trays.

This prevents the drink from becoming too watery as the ice melts and instead adds to that coffee flavor.

If you know what’s in an iced caramel macchiato, you’ll realize that these ingredients are similar.

There is, however, one notable difference between a regular caramel macchiato and a salted caramel one, and its name gives it away.

Why Salted Caramel?

We are of course talking about salt. You need a pinch of salt that’s been mixed into the cup along with the other ingredients.

This will create that beautiful, salted caramel flavor that your favorite coffee shop delivers to you. The salt brings out the other flavors of the caramel and makes it a more complex flavor than purely sugar.

As much as these ingredients aren’t too much of an effort to acquire, Lifeboost has a solution that will save you money and make for a healthier salted caramel macchiato.

With our ground or whole-bean caramel macchiato, Lifeboost has provided the market with a product that saves you from having to buy or consume syrup.

iced salted caramec macchiato recipe

Now that you know what you need for an iced salted caramel macchiato, let’s go over the steps to making this bad boy.

Steps to Making an Iced Salted Caramel Macchiato

Step 1: You want to ready your cup by forming the vanilla base at the bottom of it.

2 tablespoons of vanilla syrup will provide you with a sweet base that when mixed with the other ingredients will create harmony among the ingredients.

Adding vanilla as a base is also perfect if you want to make an iced chocolate macchiato. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and vanilla.

Step 2: Using the milk of your choice, add a ¾ cup to your vanilla base and stir it. This creates vanilla-flavored milk that will help in the creaminess of our salted caramel macchiato.

Step 3: Time to get salty, but keep it in moderation. You don’t want to drench your beverage in salt so don’t use more than ½ a teaspoon of it. This creates the perfect balance of sweet and salty without having one overpower the other.

Step 4: Ice Ice Baby. Add 5 to 8 ice blocks into the milky mixture. If you are using the coffee blocks, then add between 4 to 6.

Step 5: Brew your espresso grounds or beans into a 3-ounce measurement of boiling water. We recommend using 2 ounces of espresso but there’s no harm in starting with 1 ounce to see whether you need the drink to be stronger.

Once the brew is finished, slowly pour the espresso into the milk mixture to maintain the layered structure between the mixture and the espresso.

Step 6: The final step is to drizzle that caramel on the top of the drink and stir or shake everything, creating a flavor fusion.salted caramel macchiato iced recipePut in your straw or take a sip, and most importantly, be proud of your creation.

Making an Iced Salted Caramel Macchiato Using Lifeboost

If you prefer to have a sugar-free iced caramel macchiato with or without salt, Lifeboost’s caramel macchiato grounds or beans are perfect for you.

All the necessary flavors are packaged in Lifeboosts products and save you the trouble of purchasing syrups or worrying about sugar.

Simply follow all of the steps above but skip the steps requiring syrup or additional flavorings.

This not only saves you time, but it makes for a healthier and more enjoyable iced salted caramel macchiato. 

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