Iced Hazelnut Macchiato

5 min read FEB 17, 2022

Having to run to the coffee shop every morning for an iced hazelnut macchiato can end up breaking the bank and using up your time.

We are going to show you how to make the perfect iced hazelnut macchiato using 6 simple steps that can be even shorter using Lifeboost’s products.

After reading our step-by-step guide, you’ll be ready to make your favorite macchiatos from the comfort of your own home.

What this article covers:

How to Make an Iced Hazelnut Macchiato

You want to make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients for your iced hazelnut macchiato.

To get that nutty flavor, you want to ensure that you have hazelnut syrup. 

These syrups act as a base for our drink, so if you wanted to make an almond milk iced caramel macchiato, you can use caramel syrup as a base.

The next ingredient we need is a good source of caffeine. 

Whether you are using espresso powder or grinding some of Lifeboost’s medium-roasted beans, you want to ensure that you have at least 88mg worth of caffeine in your iced hazelnut macchiato.

iced macchiato vs iced latte

For that milky texture, we’re going to need some milk. This can be any milk of your choice: vegans can substitute dairy milk with some oat milk and other vegan-friendly alternatives.

As its name suggests, an iced hazelnut macchiato needs some ice. 

Simply freeze your ice trays and have your cubes on standby. If you can and don’t want a watered-down drink, you can freeze coffee into your ice trays to make coffee cubes.

The final ingredient is more of an optional addition than a necessary one, but it adds to the flavor. We recommend drizzling some chocolate sauce at the end of the creation process to make a hazelnut and iced chocolate macchiato. We guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed in the final product.

Lifeboost offers a solution to making the process of making an iced hazelnut macchiato simple and flavourful. 

They offer hazelnut macchiato beans bursting with flavor without the inclusion of any sugar. 

iced macchiato vs latte

We will show you how to make your standard iced hazelnut macchiato. However, we will also show you the best way: the Lifeboost way.

Now that you know what’s in an iced hazelnut macchiato, let’s go over a step-by-step guide that’ll allow you to craft a masterpiece.

Making an Iced Hazelnut Macchiato (Vegan Friendly)

Before we begin, this recipe is vegan friendly, so feel free to use any vegan products as substitutes for some of the ingredients.

Step 1: You want to create that sweet hazelnut base so use your hazelnut syrup and drizzle the bottom of the cup. 1 teaspoon will be perfect.

Most iced espresso macchiatos have a syrup base, it just depends on what macchiato you’re making to determine what base you will have.

At this time, you should also brew your shots of espresso so that they can cool for a brief period.

Depending on how strong you want your iced hazelnut macchiato to be will determine how many ounces of espresso you brew, but we recommend starting with 2 shots or 2 ounces.

Step 2: Add the milk of your choice to the cup. If you are a vegan, simply replace the milk with your vegan substitutes and you will still end up with a creamy macchiato.

Once the milk is introduced to the syrup, stir it so that they can become well acquainted with each other.

Step 3: You don’t want a watery macchiato so be sure to count how many ice cubes you are putting in.

If you are using the coffee cubes then this won’t be too much of a problem, but for normal ice cubes, we would recommend using 5 to 7 depending on the size of your glass.

Step 4: Take your brewed espresso and slowly pour it into the milky mixture. 

We say slowly because you want the drink to be layered before you start shaking or stirring it. This ensures that all the elements of the iced hazelnut macchiato can mix well.

Step 5: This is an optional step but after step 4 is when you want to add your chocolate sauce. The combination of chocolate and hazelnut makes for a sweet and flavorful drink that anyone can enjoy.

Step 6: Once all the elements are in the cup, start stirring to see them all come together as one. The finished product should be a golden, creamy color that is waiting for you to enjoy it.

Now as much as these 6 easy steps can be done in a matter of minutes, Lifeboost has provided a way to shave off a significant amount of time and allow you to create the best iced hazelnut macchiato.

An Iced Hazelnut Macchiato With Help From Lifeboost

Using Lifeboost’s hazelnut macchiato, you won’t need to concern yourself with any hazelnut syrup. They offer the best hazelnut beans on the market that will allow you to create the perfect iced hazelnut macchiato.

Like their sugar-free iced caramel macchiato coffee beans, the hazelnut macchiato has a creamy, rich, and satisfying flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

what is a iced macchiato

Simply brew the Lifeboost product, skip step 1, and follow the rest of the steps to not only save you time but make a healthier iced hazelnut macchiato in the process.

LifeBoost also offers a grounded variation of this product if coffee beans aren’t for you.

Lifeboost and Our Products

Lifeboost loves coffee, and most importantly, we love coffee lovers. We provide the market with healthy products that are not only high quality, but taste so good.

Instead of having to figure out what’s in an iced caramel macchiato, LifeBoost creates flavourful coffee grounds and beans that save you the trouble of having to buy syrup or other sugar-filled, flavorings.

Now that you know how to make an iced hazelnut macchiato using your standard ingredients and  LifeBoost’s hazelnut macchiato, you can sit back and enjoy it.

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