Iced Chocolate Macchiato

4 min read FEB 17, 2022

If you can't shake the craving for a delicious, mouth-watering iced chocolate macchiato, we totally get it. Once you've tasted this famous drink, there's no going back. The cravings will keep coming and eventually take over your coffee budget, just like our iced espresso macchiato.

But have you ever tried making an iced chocolate macchiato yourself? It's as easy as it is satisfying. Here you'll learn how to make this work of art step by step.

And you haven’t tasted and don’t know what an iced macchiato is, this informative article will give you some insight into the beverage. Boy, are you in for a treat. So, let's get started.

Iced Chocolate Macchiato

Now, the reason this chocolate macchiato in particular is so amazing is that we use only the best coffee to make it. Coffee is the key to this recipe so making it with the right coffee is important. 

chocolate macchiato iced

There are a few ingredients that you need. Refer to the list below so that the flavors are just right for making an Iced Chocolate Macchiato.

You’re going to love having all these ingredients in your kitchen because it means that not only you will be able to make this at any time, but there will also be a world of other hot beverages at your disposal.

The list of ingredients to purchase includes:

macchiato chocolate iced


Using chocolate sauce instead of syrup, drizzle dark chocolate sauce at the bottom of the glass. Genuine chocolate sauce is better than syrup because it has a better flavor and texture. 

Now fill the glass with ice.

Next, pour the coffee in. If you’re using an espresso machine, you will want 2 shots for one macchiato. If you buy Lifeboost Double Dark Mocha, you will find the flavor to be rich, deep, dark, and robust. 

But if you enjoy more of a white chocolate mocha kind of flavor then go for the Lifeboost White Chocolate Mocha. It’s delicate, yet still rich and deliciously creamy.

Next, add the milk. If you use normal milk, that’s absolutely fine. But if you add almond milk, it raises the bar. Many are accustomed to 2% milk so don’t worry. Use the milk that you prefer, but don’t go too far off route because it will change the overall taste of the recipe. 

And voila: that’s how easy it is to make chocolate macchiato. This is your chance to whip out your phone and snap some pics for social media. 

Now if the little ones ask for one just like yours, don't fret, there’s no need to leave them out of the fun. Buy Lifeboost White Chocolate organic decaf coffee and follow the same method.

They can enjoy the same deliciousness as you are but without the caffeine kick. Because we all know they certainly don't need the energy boost.

The Main Ingredient - Coffee

Lifeboost is the cleanest source of coffee you can find, so no need to worry about the quality of coffee you are giving your loved ones.

At Lifeboost, we use the TrustPure process. This is the roadmap for sourcing healthy and environmentally-friendly beans. 

Lifeboost beans are of a single origin to avoid cross-contamination of molds. 

They’re also hand-selected, high elevation, and shade-grown. The main roasts are certified organic yet 3rd party tests for mycotoxins, molds, heavy metals, pesticides plus 400 other toxins are tested for to ensure you’re getting the only cleanest beans the planet has to offer.recipe for iced chocolate macchiatoNow if you’d like to know what’s in an iced caramel macchiato don’t hesitate to head on over to that article as it will give you the full rundown. And if you are worried about sugar intake, you needn’t be, because we have a recipe for the sugar-free iced caramel macchiato as well.


Now that you know how easy it is, go on to impress and spoil your friends and family with your latest masterpiece. If you don't already have, maybe get some stunning glass to serve it in. And add some cocoa dust to make it look special.

Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato is just as good, so once you’ve mastered this one, move on to the caramel to keep practicing your new barista skills

And remember that the quality of the ingredients will make or break your iced coffee so only use the best. Look out for the specials when shopping.

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