Iced Breve Latte

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With a glossary of coffee terms available on various coffee drinks, flavors, and aromas, understanding what breve coffee is and what an iced breve latte entails, and how to make a breve latte can seem challenging.

Getting to the bottom of the cup, so to speak, is more satisfying than it might appear at first glance. So whether you’re a well-seasoned barista, a coffee lover, or a coffee novice who wants to learn more about coffee terminology, we’re here to tell you a bit more about a coffee called an iced breve latte and how to prepare one.

Below, we list what we believe to be the essential ingredients comprising an iced breve latte. We cover its historical context, the difference between a latte and breve, the difference between breve and iced breve, bean and roast types, and a suggested recipe.

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Recipe of Iced Breve Latte

breve iced coffee

We suggest the following recipe to make an iced vanilla breve latte. You can, of course, adjust the recipe.  


  • Espresso (2-3 shots)
  • Ice blocks; 
  • Half-and-Half (Milk and Cream); 
  • Vanilla Flavoring / Syrup


  1. Use your espresso machine to pull 2-3 shots of espresso 
  2. Add 2 tsp syrup (chocolate, caramel, or vanilla) to your espresso and stir to dissolve 
  3. Chill your espresso mixture in the refrigerator for a few minutes
  4. Pour your espresso shots over a shaker filled with ice cubes  
  5. Add half a cup of half-and-half cream and milk mixture   
  6. Cap and shake vigorously 
  7. Pour into a large glass 
  8. Garnish with whipped cream  

You are welcome to try out various variations of our iced breve latte recipe or breve latte recipes. The chai tea latte with breve is also delicious.  

You can also add chocolate syrup to the iced breve latte instead of vanilla, giving the drink a more robust mocha feel. 

The difference between breve, mocha, and latte is that both breve and mocha are espresso-based drinks, with added steamed milk like a regular latte. However, mocha contains dark chocolate, breve contains cream (half milk, half cream). 

Iced Breve Latte - Coffee Bean Preference 

Whether using arabica and robusta coffee beans in your breve latte or iced breve latte depends on your preferences. Of course, you should also take money constraints into account.  

However, as a general rule of thumb, a more pronounced coffee bean taste (whether arabica, robusta, or a blend) is preferred over a more subtle flavor. Breve is milk and cream-based, and the coffee taste disappears if they overwhelm the taste of the coffee.

Iced Breve Latte - Roast Preference

Medium-dark roasted coffee beans are the best choice for breve coffee. That’s because medium-dark roasted beans have a fuller and spicier flavor with a hint of a smokey and even chocolaty undertone that complements the creamy coffee taste.

Breve - Historical Context 

A caffè breve, also called ”breve latte” or ”breve coffee,” is a coffee invented by Americans in the late 1960s. Although based on the Italian latte, the drink is creamier and sweeter.

The difference between breve and latte is that a breve has less milk and more cream. 

Breve is a dessert coffee due to its richness and natural sweetness, although many coffee drinkers enjoy it at all times of day, including at breakfast.

iced coffee breve

Breve Latte vs Iced Breve Latte 

A breve latte is a hot coffee where the milk and cream are steamed, frothed, and combined with a pulled espresso.

Iced coffee is typically presented in an oversized mug or glass, is colder (for obvious reasons), and typically contains less acidity due to the dilution of the coffee with the ice. 

The choice between breve latte and iced breve latte is personal. Still, the weather might also influence your choice between a cold or a hot breve.

A breve latte is a hot coffee where the milk and cream are steamed, frothed, and combined with a pulled espresso.


Due to its half-and-half content (half milk, half cream), a breve is creamier than a traditional latte and arguably filled with more flavor, aroma, and a rich texture.

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