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13 min read JUL 07, 2022

It’s been said that even bad coffee is better than no coffee. But we believe that everyone deserves only the best coffee and that means single-origin coffee that’s free from harmful chemicals and low in acidity. 

But what makes this the best coffee to drink? What are the benefits of low acid coffee? In this article, we look at why people are switching to low-acid coffee, and why you might want to as well. 

You’ll find out what the best low-acid coffee is and what it will do for your health. You’ll also discover just how life-changing the best low-acid coffee can be. 

Your favorite hot beverage just got even better. So make yourself a cup, relax, and read all about it in our guide below.

What This Article Covers:

Low-Acid Coffee Beans

best low acid coffee

We all know how good the perfect cup of coffee can make you feel. But new discoveries are being made about the coffee bean all the time. As we learn more, we pass that knowledge on to you so you can make the best decision about your health. 

Coffee is not the most acidic beverage you can drink. It usually has a pH level of about 5, which is lower than most sodas and even orange juice. The acid in coffee isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some types of acid are better than others, and most disappear during the roasting process.

But the acidity in coffee can also wreak havoc on the stomachs of people prone to certain gastric conditions. So the availability of low-acid coffee beans has been great news for many coffee drinkers. In case you’re not yet familiar with what low acid coffee is, here’s a quick breakdown of the science behind it. 

What Makes Coffee Acidic?

All coffee beans are acidic to some degree. While this is partly what gives coffee its distinctive taste, it can cause stomach issues for certain people. The way that you prepare your coffee also influences its acidity levels.

These acids are naturally occurring and not all of them are bad; some are good for you. 

One of the main groups of acids found in pure coffee is chlorogenic acids. These are antioxidants, and a diet rich in antioxidants is beneficial to your health. Antioxidants bind with free radicals in your bloodstream and effectively neutralize them, lowering the chance of cancer and other diseases.

When coffee is consumed daily, it can contribute more of these health benefits to your diet than what you eat. But some of the acids in coffee can be problematic and the only way to avoid them while still enjoying coffee is to drink non-acidic coffee. 

Why Is Non-Acidic Coffee Better?

low acidic coffee

Non-acidic coffee still contains a lot of the healthy attributes of regular coffee. However, it’s a lot gentler on the stomach. Quinic acid, one of the naturally occurring acids abundant in coffee, is responsible for a lot of the digestive troubles that certain coffee drinkers experience. 

Do you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)? If you do, you’ll know what we’re talking about. People who suffer from any of these issues or anything similar often find that coffee can worsen their condition. 

Even some of us who don’t have these conditions sometimes feel queasy after a cup of coffee. But does this mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite drink anymore? Certainly not. Of course, there are some delicious non-acidic coffee alternatives that you could try. But you don’t have to give up coffee.

Organic Low-Acid Coffee

Luckily for all you coffee lovers out there, there’s a simple and effective solution to the acidity problem: switch to low-acid coffee. This solution can take two forms. Firstly, you can learn how to make low-acid coffee at home. 

The way you prepare your coffee has a huge influence on its acidity. For example, if you drink it while it’s still hot and fresh, you’re already benefiting from lower acidity levels than if you let it stand. 

Secondly, you can buy coffee beans that are less acidic from the outset. Naturally, the latter is the best option since we don’t always want to brew an entirely new pot of coffee every time we want a cup. 

We’ve made it easy for you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and less acidity to ease your stomach troubles. Lifeboost Coffee offers some of the very best organic low-acid coffee around. 

Why Organic?

If you aren’t familiar with organic products, you may wonder why this is so important. Is organic really better? These days the word organic gets tossed about a lot, but what does it actually mean? Basically, organic means that the product has been produced following strict organic guidelines set up by the USDA. 

We pride ourselves on using only organic coffee beans in all our products. They are also ethically and sustainably produced and naturally lower in acidity. This means that every product is good for the environment, and also good for you. 

organic low acid coffee

How are Our Organic Low-Acid Coffee Beans Produced? 

But how are these beans produced? Some regions naturally produce less acidic coffee beans. The conventional coffee that you buy in the store may be a blend of coffees. This is the key difference between blended and single-origin coffee beans. That means you can’t be sure of the quality or acidity of what you’re be drinking.

Single-origin, high-elevation-grown coffee beans are your best bet for a low-acid, stomach-friendly cup of flavorful coffee. We’ve sourced the best single-origin, shade-grown, and hand-picked to ensure a high-quality drink in every cup.

Low-Acid Dark Roast Coffee

Hey there dark roast fans, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you like the flavors of dark roast coffee above all others, there’s one that will offer you extra health benefits along with the benefits of a prolonged roast time. 

Try our low acid dark roast coffee and you’ll never look back. 

Best Low-Acid Dark Roast Coffee

Our dark roast low-acid coffee is available in whole beans but also in dark roast coffee pods. For decaf drinkers, we have a dark roast decaf too. You may have to sacrifice the caffeine but you won’t be sacrificing any flavor. It’s perfect for people who love to drink full roast coffee, even at night.

low acid coffee beans 

Is Dark Roast Better for You?

With dark roast coffee, you can avoid lower levels of acidity and enjoy the full-bodied taste and aroma of dark roast coffee. A lot of the acidity in coffee is removed or significantly reduced in the roasting process. 

This makes dark roast coffee naturally less acidic than other roasts. 

Low-Acid Ground Coffee

If you prefer to buy your coffee already ground, don’t stress. We’ve taken care of that for you. We offer a variety of options for the discerning coffee drinker, including both light roast whole beans and ground coffee. 

Many people like to grind their own coffee beans. If you prefer buying it ground, we have taken the hassle out of it for you, with our low-acid ground coffee. Don’t worry, it tastes just as fresh and bold as buying whole beans.

low acid coffees

Is Ground Coffee More Acidic?

When coffee beans are roasted, a lot of the acids are reduced. But some of the remaining acidity is released during the grinding process. 

Also, coffee that’s left to sit for a long time after grinding is more acidic than when it’s freshly ground for each cup.

Coffee Beans vs Ground Coffee

This is largely a matter of personal choice. 

It’s usually better to buy ground coffee shortly after the beans have been ground and use it soon after. Buying coffee in smaller batches makes this easier. As all our coffee is already lower in acidity than most regular coffees, you can safely enjoy them either way.

Low-Acid Light Roast Coffee

What do you have to do to enjoy a light roast coffee that’s also low in acid? Look no further, we’ve got this. All of our single-origin coffees are healthy, lower in acidity, and simply delicious. 

Best Low-Acid Light Roast Coffee

If you like your coffee a bit milder, you can enjoy the benefits of low-acid coffee too. We have the best light roast coffee that is smooth and satisfying. With our light roast coffee beans and coffee pods, how you prepare it is up to you.

Is Light Roast Better for You?

Some people prefer the milder taste of a light roast. Also, if you’re a true coffee fan and drink multiple cups a day, you may prefer a light roast for later in the day so you don’t overload on caffeine when it’s time to get ready for bed. 

Low-Acid Flavored Coffee

low acid dark roast coffee

Of course, although coffee is magical all on its own, sometimes it’s fun to have a bit of added flavor. That’s why we decided to offer low-acid flavored coffee too. After all, the more choice you have, the more ways you have to enjoy it. 

Which Flavored Coffee Has the Least Acid?

Flavored coffee doesn’t only make hot coffee taste even better. It’s also fantastic for making low-acid cold brew coffee to enjoy on a hot day.

All our flavored coffees are lower in acid. This means you can enjoy the added taste without fear of struggling with your stomach later on. The only additives you’ll find in our flavored low-acid coffee are the naturally derived flavors. Nothing else.

What Flavors Is Low-Acid Coffee Available in?

Our exotic pumpkin spice whole bean coffee will take your coffee enjoyment to a whole new level. If you prefer your coffee sweeter, or nuttier, you’re in for a real treat. Give our chocolate, caramel, vanilla, or hazelnut flavored coffee beans a try. 

What About Decaf?

By now, all the decaf drinkers are probably wondering if they’ve been forgotten. You haven’t been. We know that some of you confirmed coffeeholics out there are sensitive to caffeine. So, does low acid coffee have less caffeine, or is a decaf option available?

Coffee’s acidity isn’t necessarily linked to caffeine levels. If you want to reduce your intake of caffeine, your best bet is to drink decaf coffee instead. The benefits of lower acidity can be yours, too, with our low-acid decaf coffee. 

Best Low-Acid Decaf Coffee

reduced acid coffee

Just because you’re sensitive to caffeine, doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking coffee. Simply switch to decaf and continue to enjoy your favorite beverage, as we have the best low-acid decaf coffee for you. Our decaf range is available in different roasts and even includes flavored options. 

If you aren’t sure if you need to change to decaf, here are the facts. Decaf coffee beans have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed. They’re just as rich in flavor as regular coffee, only the caffeine has been removed. 

This makes them suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine or if you want a cup of coffee in the afternoon without playing havoc with your sleeping schedule.

Who Should be Drinking Decaf?

Are you unsure if you need to change to our low-acid decaf coffee? If any of the below statements are true for you, consider switching to decaf.

  • You’re pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • Regular coffee is a little bitter for you;
  • You’re sensitive to caffeine;
  • Regular coffee, especially at night, interferes with your sleep cycle;
  • You’re taking prescription medication that interacts with caffeine;
  • A doctor has advised you to limit your caffeine intake; or
  • You drink multiple cups of coffee every day 

Variety Is the Spice of Life

coffee with low acidity

This is certainly true when it comes to coffee but what if you don’t have a favorite roast or you’re still trying to decide what your favorite is? We can help. 

With our regular roast sample pack, you get to try out several roasts of our low-acid coffee and decide which one you prefer. That way, you automatically know which one of our top-quality, low-acid coffees to order next time around.  

Ready to Try Something New?

Perhaps you’ve already picked out which roast strength of coffee you want but can’t resist the allure of flavored coffee. Deciding which flavor is the right one for you is just as easy. Just get our flavored sample pack and discover your ultimate flavored low-acid coffee. 

If you can’t decide on a favorite, we understand. With so many wonderful options to choose from, you may just have to get them all. Don’t forget, these make wonderful gifts for the coffee lovers among your friends and family. 

which coffee is less acidic

The Coolest Coffee Around

What’s the coolest coffee? Cold-brew coffee of course! You don’t have to head to a coffee bar or specialty store to get your hands on some cold brew, you can make it at home. There’s no excuse to not at least give it try because we have the best cold brew product for you. 

Enjoy all the health benefits of coffee, even on a hot day. Our coarse-ground Biotics Cold Brew gives you less acidity but more taste. Now you can invite your friends around for some refreshing cold brew coffee that’s also good for their health. 

what is the least acidic coffee

How Coffee Can Change Your Life

A good cup of coffee will always get your day off to a good start. But did you know that coffee has the power to change your life for the better? You read that right. Many studies have been done into the benefits of coffee over the years. 

Coffee has been shown to improve energy levels and burn fat. There is even a possible link between coffee drinking and protection from Alzheimer's and Type 2 Diabetes. More and more benefits are coming to light. But we have yet another benefit for you. You can turn your love of coffee into additional income! 

Turn Your Love of Coffee Into Extra Income

Who doesn’t want a few extra dollars at the end of the month, especially if you can earn them by recommending a premier quality product that you already know and love? So, if you love coffee as much as we do, you’ll be interested in this amazing offer. 

Coffee is the third most enjoyed drink in the world and a staggering 64% of adult Americans drink coffee regularly. Plus, it’s not hard to sell the healthiest, best-tasting coffee there is. That’s why we know you’d love to be a part of this exciting program. 

Lifeboost Coffee Affiliate Program

Our Lifeboost coffee affiliate program offers coffee lovers like you an additional income stream. Our coffee is rich in flavor and easy on the gut. This means you’re helping others live healthier lives by promoting our low-acid coffee products. 

You also earn a much higher commission than you do with similar affiliate programs. That means more money in your pocket so you can try out all of our range of coffees. How about that? Our coffee is not only good for your physical health but your financial health too.

Best Low-Acid Coffee FAQs

coffee without acid

Does low-acid coffee taste as good as regular coffee?

The naturally occurring acids in coffee are what give it its distinctive flavor. But low-acid coffee retains its much of flavor even though the acidity is reduced. 

What sets Lifeboost Coffee apart is that it not only contains less acidity, it’s also higher quality than regular coffees. This is what makes it the healthiest and most flavorful coffee you’ll ever drink.

Which coffee beans are naturally low-acid?

South American, Central American, and Sumatran coffee plantations yield naturally less acidic coffee beans. Lifeboost Coffee products are produced from beans sourced in Central America. 

Our beans are all fair-trade, shade-grown, and hand-picked. What’s more, our antioxidant-rich coffee is proven to be up to 27.7% less acidic than most store-bought coffees.


If you haven’t tried our life-changing low-acid coffee range yet, what are you waiting for? It makes coffee drinking enjoyable again for everyone, even those with digestive troubles or caffeine sensitivity. With all of these amazing benefits, we know that you’ll want to make the switch to healthier, better coffee today.  

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