Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans

13 min read AUG 11, 2022

Are you a coffee shop owner or simply a coffee addict looking for the greatest dark roast around? One of the most popular types of coffee among consumers is a dark roast. Dark roast is a popular option in coffee establishments.

Espresso and milk-based coffee drinks are two of the most well-liked beverages that use dark roast. Dark roast coffee has flavor as well as health advantages. According to studies, drinking dark roast coffee frequently helps to safeguard human DNA. What is the top-rated dark roast coffee bean currently available? To learn more, continue reading below.

Dark roasts frequently draw attention for a variety of reasons. First of all, the surface of the beans is oily and lustrous. There is a noticeable bitterness to the flavor. The less acidity your drink has, the darker the roast. And you should become familiar with the various roasts if you intend to operate a coffee shop.

What This Article Covers:

Choosing Your Coffee Beans

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1. Your Preferred Taste

Choose your coffee beans based on the flavor you like. Are you seeking something with a mild flavor and varying acidity levels? Pick beans with bright hues and a dry texture. Pick something extremely dark and shiny if you want something incredibly powerful. Longer roasting times usually result in beans with a stronger, more bitter flavor.

2. The Caffeine You Need

Are you looking for a lot of caffeine kick? Then select beans that have been roasted light to medium. Choose the darker ones if you want something more depressing. Contrary to common belief, dark roast coffee contains less caffeine. Contrarily, the light ones contain the greatest caffeine.

3. The Roast Date

Finally, you need to look at the coffee's roast date. This is frequently located in the packaging's lower rear area. Your objective is to make a buy that is nearly ready for roasting. This will support maintaining the taste's integrity and freshness.

What Is Dark Roast Coffee?

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Some of the most highly roasted coffee you can find is a dark roast. Coffee beans are roasted through the second crack to a temperature of 464°F to 482°F to get a dark roast. The color of these beans is exceptionally dark, and they frequently have a slight oil sheen. They can be brewed in any way, although espresso is where they are most commonly found.

On top of being delicious, dark roast coffee is good for weight loss along with a host of other health benefits.

The least acidic coffee is a dark roast, which has a strong, robust flavor. You might note that dark roasts taste best with a dash of milk or cream, as do rich flavors like caramel, chocolate, and nuts. Dark roast coffee lacks floral or fruity aromas since you taste the roast rather than the actual bean.

Below we’ll explore the best roast coffee beans, and what makes them the best, in our opinion.

Best Dark Coffee

When it comes to dark coffee, the delicious, nuanced flavor of the coffee bean is overpowered by the strong, nutty flavor of roasting in dark coffee. Milk and cream help to mellow the strong, somewhat harsh flavor of dark roasts.

Coffee beans need to attain an internal temperature of 464 °F to be considered dark roasted. This is when the coffee's internal oils start to leave the bean and move to the outside, giving dark-roasted beans their distinctive sheen. However, there are various kinds of dark roasts above 464 °F.

An Italian roast is the lightest type of dark roast. Although various dark roasts are sometimes used for espresso, an espresso roast is produced by roasting to a shade darker than an Italian roast. A French roast, which has a fuller body and more toasted flavors, is even darker. Spanish roast is the darkest roast and has a flavor that is practically burnt.

Unfortunately, a lot of roasters simply refer to dark roast by using these names interchangeably. Consequently, you can't necessarily assume that all French or Italian roasts will be of the same quality. In conclusion, it will be more helpful to hunt for flavors you like when buying dark roast coffee than it will be to research the roast's name.

We've selected our top pick for the best-tasting dark roast coffee below. The best brand of dark roast coffee is this one, and it is wonderful.


best tasting dark roast coffee


If you’re looking for dark roast coffee pods, try out Lifeboost Coffee’s Hazelnut Coffee Pods for a drink that’s as tasty as it is convenient.

Best Tasting Dark Roast Coffee

Life Boost Dark Roast is the best-tasting dark roast coffee beans. This coffee is nutritious, environmentally friendly, and, best of all, utterly delicious. The high-altitude Nicaraguan beans used in the Lifeboost Dark Roast were cultivated without pesticides or other chemicals. Additionally, it supports birds and is shade-grown.

The flavor is smooth, robust, and dark without being bitter. The powerful aroma will astound you! Even better, this coffee has a low acid content, which makes it gentle on the stomach. 

Although Lifeboost's coffee is on the expensive side, you get a lot for your money. The best part is that your first bag of coffee may be purchased for 50% less! Overall, we believe that this is the greatest dark roast coffee brand on the market right now. It never lets you down!


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Best Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Of course, various coffees have varied tastes. Some are light, fruity, and lemony; some are almost sweet; some are deep and heavy; some are bitter; and some are sharp. Coffees frequently advertise their nut, chocolate, green tea, or spice notes on their packaging. The passionate coffee drinker will have access to a wide range of flavors, and each kind will be unique.

There are several causes for this. It matters where the beans come from and what kind of beans they are, as well as how finely they were ground and preserved. The strength of the roast, or how light or dark the roast is, is typically the most important factor in flavoring any given bean. Depending on your taste, this will typically be the strongest indicator of how your coffee will taste and the main deciding element in your purchase.

The best coffee is dark roasted whole bean coffee. However, it's not only about flavor and vigor. Coffee is a terrific supplement to many diets because it has several health advantages. If you want to enjoy your regular cup of coffee while also being healthier, dark roast coffee is a great option!

Less caffeine is present in darker roasts than in lighter roasts. So if you have difficulties digesting coffee or are sensitive to its effects, it's easier on your stomach. Longer roasting also tempers sharp flavors and lowers caffeine content. The dark roast is less sweet and more bitter than the light roast. This is the way to go if you enjoy strong flavors in your morning beverage.

Best Dark Roast Coffee In the World

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A cup of coffee in the morning is a terrific way to get going. However, it might be challenging to locate dark-roasted coffee beans without a harsh aftertaste. With Lifeboost Dark Roast, you won't feel sleepy. Your coffee will be the perfect strength for your taste receptors without being overpowering.

You receive all the benefits of dark roast coffee without any negative side effects. You won't have an afternoon crash and will remain energized all day. If you want a dark roast coffee with a true backbone, try Lifeboost Dark Roast. These dark roast coffee beans have been expertly roasted, making them robust without being bitter.

You'll adore the flavor of our Dark Roast whether you're a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just getting started. This dark roast has a great flavor. To accentuate the robust flavor and rich overtones that coffee connoisseurs adore, coffee beans are roasted at high altitudes.

Antioxidant-rich Lifeboost Dark Roast is available. So you get all of these health advantages in addition to a fantastic cup of coffee! Additionally, it is non-GMO, kosher-certified, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. 

The Best Way to Brew Dark Roasts

best dark roast whole bean coffee

The most adaptable coffee to brew is dark roast. It can tolerate heat and pressure and has a consistent flavor as a result of a good, uniform roast (which is why it makes wonderful espresso). 

As a drip coffee, pour-over coffee, or espresso, our dark roast coffee is roasted to taste amazing. To avoid the burnt, bitter taste and to bring out the blend's natural flavor nuances, we roast only a little bit lighter.

Pay attention to the fundamentals when trying to make coffee taste excellent, as with any other beverage:

  • Grind size: Choose the proper grind size for the brew method you'll be using.
  • Water temperature: A range of temperatures can be used to make medium roast coffee.
  • Contact time: How long the beans are brewed influences the flavor and extraction of the coffee. While an espresso-only needs around 25 seconds to prepare, a pot of coffee might take up to 6 minutes.
  • Freshness: Coffee oxidizes as it gets older. After the first few weeks, flavors change significantly. To achieve the finest flavor, use the freshest coffee you can find.

Best Bold Coffeemost flavorful dark roast coffee

The strength of coffee is a topic of debate among coffee enthusiasts. Due to their deeper flavor, some individuals believe darker roasts to be more robust than light roasts. Some people think that because the coffee beans are darker, the darkest roast is more potent.

However, regardless of how darkly it is roasted, every coffee contains the same amount of caffeine. Some claim that a light roast is more potent than a darker roast because it contains more caffeine. In actuality, roasting coffee beans has little effect on caffeine concentration.

One of the most popular forms of coffee required to make the best bold coffee is a dark roast. 833 Americans (42%) of the 1,983 participants in the poll favor dark roast coffee over medium and light roast coffee beans. 

It is the darkest and glossiest coffee bean, for people who are interested in learning more about dark roast coffee flavors. Dark roast coffee is less acidic. It has a rich, dark, smokey, and bitter flavor.

Dark roast is often what you want if you're seeking a robust coffee. Coffee lovers perceive the dark roast's robust flavor and rich, chocolatey scent as "stronger" than its floral/fruity flavor.

This misconception may have its roots in the fact that espresso is typically made with dark roast coffee, leading some individuals to believe that if the coffee tastes like espresso, it must be powerful. That's not quite accurate. Dark roast coffee may have deeper flavor characteristics, but the "strength" of the coffee actually depends more on how concentrated you brew it (more on this in a minute).

Smoothest Dark Roast Coffee

best bold coffee

Dark roast coffee requires a lot of time to brew. 2:30–3:00 minutes should be allotted for the brew. Below is a recipe on how to brew dark roast coffee:

  1. Use cooler water and brew a standard dark roast for less than three minutes to ensure it is dark. 
  2. Fold the filter into a cone before using a pour-over coffee maker to brew coffee.
  3. After that, add the filter to the grounds. 
  4. Then, when all the water has permeated into the grounds, pour boiling water over them in a circular motion. 

Each brew will yield 4 cups of coffee and take between 3 and 5 minutes. You can brew darker roast coffee both hot and cold since it is delicious. Dark roast flavors combine for an incredibly potent cold brew. To experience the flavor of these robusta beans, use a french press or a drip machine.

Dark Roast Flavored Coffee

Rich dark roasts are the best. They have a flavor similar to spiced dark chocolate and wood. Compared to medium roast and light roast coffee, dark roast coffee beans are the least acidic, have the heaviest bodies, and have the strongest aromas.

Coffee beans that are darkly roasted are roasted for a longer time or at a higher temperature. They become less thick, less caffeinated, and have a stronger single-note flavor as a result. Dark roast coffee has stronger flavors and a fuller body as a result. When drinking a hot or cold brew, a mild roast makes a noticeable difference.

You must grind the coffee first. The roast degree affects the flavor profile content by determining how dark or light the green coffee beans are roasted. Typically, the lighter roast smells fruity.

But you'll discover that they have a sweet flavor and can be very filling. A question frequently asked is whether dark roast coffee is more bitter. Medium-roasted beans will have a bitter flavor and a sweet, chocolate-like scent with hints of fruit. Dark roast coffee beans are ideal if you want a creamy coffee that isn't overly distinctive in flavor.

Most Flavorful Dark Roast Coffee

dark roast whole bean coffee

Yes, the flavor of coffee beans is affected by roasting. But in the case of dark roasts, roasting determines the flavor. We can identify the flavor of the coffee using roast profiling since the roasting process generates 800 to 1,000 different scent components. Darker roasts provide a more consistent range of flavors and fragrances since roasting accounts for a larger portion of their flavor. They are not, however, at all boring.

Dark roasts typically have flavors similar to those of chocolate, toasted nuts, spices, and dark sugars like molasses and caramel, along with deeper overtones that have been described as earthy, woodsy, and smokey. Bright, fruity tones like those found in apples, cherries, and berries must frequently be balanced with great black roasts.

Dark Roast Coffee Flavor: What To Look For

Dark roast contains the traditional characteristics of coffee: a powerful scent, and a flavor that is smooth and chocolaty with just the appropriate amount of bitterness. Perfect for starting a frigid winter morning or sipping cups after cups at a café.


  • Creamy caramel
  • Maple syrup
  • Fresh cola
  • Dark chocolate


  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Anise


  • Peanut butter
  • Praline
  • Hazelnut

Dark roast coffee usually has a rather thick body due to the abundance of surface oil on the bean. The body can resemble thick cream. Dark roast coffee has a rather smooth, low-acid flavor that is rich and well-balanced.

Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans FAQs

whole bean dark roast coffee

How Do I Make My Coffee Less Bitter?

The easiest approach to prevent bitter coffee is to choose high-quality beans and correctly brew them. Usually, over-roasting or over-extracting causes bitterness. Adding milk, cream, or sugar to your mug or a touch of salt to your coffee grounds are more options.

Is Dark Roast Coffee Healthier?

In contrast to light roast, black roast coffee is not automatically healthy. However, it frequently has less acid than a light roast, so if you are sensitive to acid, you could feel better sipping it.

Is Dark Roast Coffee Stronger Than Light Roast?

Dark roast coffee isn't more strong than light roast. It is a widespread misperception that the level of roast affects caffeine levels. Simply add extra grinds to the brewing process if you want your coffee to be stronger.

dark roast flavored coffee

Final Thought

So what should you consider when choosing brands of dark roast coffee? The response to this query is dependent upon your interests and tastes. Each dark roast has a distinctive flavor or texture.

One of the best sources of antioxidants is dark roasted beans. These antioxidants are what give coffee its deep, rich brown hue which aids in the battle against free radicals, which harm cells and have been connected to cancer.

Because it provides a rounded flavor and tempers acidity, the best dark roast coffee is frequently used as an espresso roast. Additionally, milk enhances the flavor of dark roast coffee and helps to mask its bitterness. Darkly roasted coffee beans are yet less common.

Modern dark roasts might not work well for other coffee beverages, but espresso works best when used to make espresso drinks. In specialty coffee, characteristics in less refined beans that have been well roasted cannot be concealed.

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