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6 min read MAR 28, 2022

If you love coffee as much as we do, you probably know that the type of coffee that you use in your morning brew can make a world of difference. 

While most coffee drinkers use one type of bean for every type of coffee they make, a true coffee expert or enthusiast should know which type of coffee to use in their favorite drink.

Americanos are smooth, delicious cups of warm java heaven that can be made however you like - from dark and traditional to light and iced. If you want to know how to make the best americano, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to make it and the type of beans you’ll need to use.  

What is the Best Coffee for Americano?

Before you can decide which coffee is best for an americano, you need to know the difference between the strength of different coffee roasts. There are generally four different strengths, from light, medium, medium-dark, to dark roasts. 

Light Roast Coffee

the best americano coffee

A light roast refers to coffee beans that have been roasted for the shortest time. This roast yields coffee with a milder flavor and lower bitterness than darker roasts. 

The lighter taste from light roast coffee beans is thanks to the fact that they release less oil when they’re being roasted. The oil from the beans is what gives your coffee its bitter taste. 

Coffee made from light roast coffee generally has a smoother, more diluted taste. 

Because lightly roasted coffee beans are more concentrated than darker roasts, they contain more caffeine.

Light-roast coffee beans are great for iced coffees and cold brews. There are also a few different and fun names for light roast coffee, including New or Light City, New England, White Coffee, and Cinnamon Coffee. 

Medium Roast Coffee

which is the best coffee for americanoMedium-roast coffee beans have a darker color to the bean. They also have a stronger taste than a light roast but are still much less bitter than either of the darker roasts. 

Medium roasts often give off the strong fragrance that you typically associate with a great cup of coffee. 

A medium roast brew has slightly less caffeine than a light roast, but a higher caffeine content than medium-dark or dark roasts. 

Medium-roast beans are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of different coffees. They are also the most commonly used beans in the United States, which means that they are often used for drip-brew coffee. 

Some other names for medium roast beans are Breakfast, City, and American. They can sometimes also be called “regular beans” because they’re one of the most versatile roast strengths.

Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

americano best coffeeAptly named, medium-dark roast coffee falls somewhere in between a medium and dark roast. While it has a richer flavor and taste than a medium roast, it isn’t as robust as a completely dark roast. 

Known as Full City, Light French, After Dinner, Continental, and Light Espresso, medium-dark beans are normally enjoyed when making most types of coffee.

Medium-dark roasted coffee has less caffeine than a light or medium roast and has a much richer and earthier smell. It’s also much thicker than lighter roasts, which makes it great for beverages that require a lot of water or milk. It’s better for a latte compared to an americano

While you can make espresso or americano using medium-dark roast coffee, it’s often referred to as a “light espresso” because the taste is slightly less rich and earthy than a true dark roast. 

Dark Roast Coffee

which is the best americano coffee

Dubbed ‘Italian’ or ”espresso beans,” dark roast coffee is the best choice for making a great americano. The history of the americano can be traced back to Italy, so there’s little wonder why dark roast beans are known as Italian beans. 

Unlike American coffee, which is predominantly made from medium roast coffee beans, Italian coffee is known for being dark, rich, and absolutely delicious. This is particularly true when it comes to espresso, which is the main ingredient in americano coffee

Espressos are generally much thicker than other coffees and served in smaller quantities. But, despite their strong taste, espressos made from dark roasted beans actually lose a lot of their high caffeine content

How to Make an Americano?

Finding the Right Beans

While medium roast beans can be good for your average, everyday cup of coffee, finding the right beans can make the difference between a good and a great cup of joe. 

Because americanos are made using one to two shots of espresso, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using high-quality beans. 

Espresso coffee is meant to be dark and full-bodied, which means that the key to a good espresso is using dark roast beans. 

If you want to brew an incredible americano coffee, then Lifeboost’s Dark Roast Espresso beans will blow you away. 

These coffee beans are handpicked and roasted and are grown using sustainable farming methods. Our beans are also third-party tested for mycotoxins, pesticides, and heavy metals. 

The easiest way to elevate your morning cup of coffee is to use great beans, making Lifeboost beans a no-brainer. 

Making an Americano

what is the best americano coffeeFirst, you’ll want to measure your beans. For the best americano, you’ll need a double shot of espresso. To make 2 liquid ounces of double-shot espresso, you can use between ½ to ⅔ of an ounce of coffee. 

After you’ve measured out your beans, you can grind your beans. An americano typically uses finely ground beans, so you should try to grind your beans as finely as your grinder allows. 

Now that your beans are prepped and ready, it’s time to brew your coffee. Of course, you can do this using an espresso or coffee machine. Most coffee machine models will have a dedicated button for an espresso. 

Brewing Your Espressowhat is the best americano coffee

Be sure to brew your espresso in a separate mug or glass to add to your hot water. 

The sign of a great espresso is the creamy layer on top of the coffee, known as the crema. If you add your hot water to the espresso, it mixes the crema layer into the brew. Instead, you want to add your espresso to your hot water to keep that delicious layer of crema on the surface of your drink. 

Using the steam boiler tap on your coffee or espresso machine, or your kettle, you want to get your water to around 160 - 170 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Once you’ve got the water to the right temperature, you can add it to your coffee mug. Typically, you want to add two parts water to one part espresso. 

You can always tinker with the water-espresso ratio to find your perfect balance. After your water is ready, you’re ready to add your espresso. Make sure to add your espresso slowly, because this helps to better blend your espresso and your water. 

Americano coffee is generally served black, but you can add sugar and milk to your coffee to suit your taste. Because of the nutty, rich flavor of the dark roast espresso, americanos pair gorgeously with dairy alternatives like macadamia or almond milk. 

If you want a creamier, smoother texture to your coffee, then you can also add a small amount of cream to your favorite drink.

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