What Happens When We Connect: Spreading Kindness At The Goodwin Center

3 min read JAN 22, 2023

Mother Teresa is credited with the famous saying: “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

And, she’s right, change indeed starts small, with those closest to you.

We can make huge impacts, for good, in this world, when we begin by sharing goodness, kindness, and love with those near to us.

But, as implied in her theory, this change, this spreading of goodness and kindness, it must expand past the walls of our homes to ripple throughout the world.

So of course, this implies involvement.

Consider this question: what happens when we get involved…in the lives of our family members, then, in the lives of those within our own community?

Good things happen, that’s what!

Kindness is a contagious characteristic, and what we want you to take away from what we’re sharing with you here is a picture of the ripple effect of kindness, of connection, of community involvement.

Recently, we were able to spread kindness through connecting in our community though the George T. Goodwin Center, and here’s how such involvement is impacting the world right here in Decatur Township…  

Lifeboost Donates Coffee and Kindness…

Throughout 2022 we were able to donate coffee on a few occasions to the Goodwin Center.

In May we were able to donate 32 bags of coffee and 8 boxes of coffee pods.

Then at the end of July we were privileged to make another coffee donation, this time giving 30 bags of coffee and 30 boxes of coffee pods to the center.

Throughout that time and since, our staff have also been able to volunteer at the Goodwin Center, enjoying acts of service such as: 

  • calling bingo
  • spending time helping at their food pantry
  • serving/helping with Thanksgiving dinner
  • serving/helping with Christmas dinner

These donations of both time and resources are greatly needed by the Goodwin Center, as Kelly Ivey, fellow coffee lover and the center’s executive director, has explained that such involvement and support from the community is vital to their mission.

Can you see the thread here…the spreading characteristic of kindness?

When we desire to help others, to connect and get involved in our own community, we can meet the needs of organizations like The Goodwin Center, seeking to provide help and support to those in need. 

…The Goodwin Center Gives Help, Independence, Health, and Life-Long Growth

As many of us (coffee-lovers) can relate, Ms. Ivey shared that her favorite morning ritual is to enjoy a cup of coffee in the quiet, while doing her daily devotions.

On a deeper level, she also shared with us here at Lifeboost that she believes “we are meant to serve others with whatever gifts and talents we have.” What a perfect representation of the rippling effect of kindness we’re featuring here today.

Combining the efforts of volunteers within the community with their own staff and mission, the Goodwin Center serves more than 800 families, individuals, senior citizens, and youth in Decatur Township and its surrounding communities.

They support these populations in a variety of ways, such as: 

  • helping the homeless
  • working with families struggling to make ends meet
  • providing senior citizens with opportunities for companionship and ways to stay healthy
  • connecting neighbors and families with the resources needed to help them gain independence and continue to grow throughout life

Aside from volunteering, the Goodwin Center also relies on the community to share the work they are doing so the general population in Decatur Township knows where to go to find the help they need.

You see, just a few boxes and bags of coffee, some donated time and talents, even sharing the work the Goodwin Center is doing can help to enable families and individuals to connect with the help and resources they need to improve their future.

As we mentioned in the beginning here today, Mother Teresa admonished us to change the world through loving our families, but look at what taking that a step further can accomplish.

Supporting organizations like the Goodwin Center allows us, allows you (if you choose), to get involved, being the arm that reaches out in love and kindness to positively impact the people in your community, leading to positive impacts rippling throughout the world. 

How can you Help the Goodwin Center?

Living in or near Decatur Township and want to see if there are ways you can help the Goodwin Center?

Through the link below, you can find current and specific donation needs for their clients as well as their food pantry. You can also contribute financially, if you feel led, or contact them for other ways to volunteer, helping them help others!

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