Top 11 Best Coffee Filters Review

13 min read MAY 16, 2023

Are you ready to find the best coffee filters that you can use? Finding the right coffee filter to match your brew method is hard, but we got you covered. With our list of Top 11 Best Coffee Filters Review, you'll be sure to get the perfect filter for your coffee.

Best Coffee Filters - Our 11 Top Choices

We have chosen 11 of the best coffee filters to review in 2023, ranging from traditional paper filters to sustainable cloth and metal options.

Melitta 600 Basket Coffee Filters

Melitta 600 Basket Coffee Filters

The Melitta 600 Basket Coffee Filters are the top choice for coffee fiends looking to optimize their brewing experience in 2023. These economical, reliable filters offer great value and convenience, coming in a pack of 600 suitable for 8-12 cup coffee makers.

These unbleached paper filters have been designed with precision to keep your brew's delicious flavor and aroma without allowing pesky coffee grounds into your mug or pot.

These filter traps reduce bitterness and maintain the silky texture so often sought after during preparation for that perfect cup every time - ensuring maximum satisfaction with each sip.

If You Care FSC Unbleached No 2 Coffee Filters

If You Care FSC Unbleached No 2 Coffee Filters

This coffee filter is a great option for those looking for an eco-friendly and unbleached coffee filter choice. These filters come in a pack of 2-count boxes and are rated 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 1,729 reviews.

They're FSC certified, which means no chlorine is used in the bleaching process, making them significantly more environmentally friendly than other options available on the market.

Melitta #4 Cone Coffee Filters

Melitta #4 Cone Coffee  Filters

Melitta Coffee Filters Cone is considered to be one of the most popular choices among those looking for the best coffee filters to use in their drip coffee makers. They come in a pack of 12 with 40 filters each and boast a rating of 4.8 out of 5 over 10,000 reviews.

These paper-white colored cone-shaped filters were designed specifically for all standard drip style coffee makers that take flat-bottomed 8-12 cup size paper filters.

As they are made from natural, unbleached papers that won't affect taste like bleached varieties do, these Melitta #4 Filters help maintain a rich flavor and aroma when brewing your favorite blend or varietal.

Melitta 3.5 Percolator Disc Coffee Filters

Melitta 3.5 Percolator Disc Coffee Filters

These filters are a must-have item for coffee lovers everywhere in 2023. Not only do they provide sediment free coffee with every cup brewed, but they have also been specially developed to guarantee consistent and delicious tasting results each time.

Coming in packs of 100 white filter paper discs, these filters can make brewers up to 12 cups of perfect percolated coffee at once. The meticulous design of the disc ensures that no grounds enter your cup – an important quality as so many people are health conscious these days.

It's also worth noting that Melitta Bentz, founder of Melitta Company, who pioneered the invention of this filter over 100 years ago, was truly passionate about providing a high-quality taste experience from her product which still stands today.

AeroPress Coffee Replacement Filter Packs

AeroPress Coffee Replacement Filter Packs

AeroPress Coffee Replacement Filter Packs are sold in packs of 350 and provide greater protection against grinds and sediment in your coffee while ensuring richer flavor.

Specifically designed with a built-in micro-filtering system that is 20 times finer than traditional paper filters, these filter packs allow little sediment and flavorful oils to pass through without imparting extra flavors or ruining aromas.

The innovative design also eliminates much of the hassle typically associated with paper filters, including folding and messy cleanup, so you can have a more efficient brewing time each morning.

Altura The Mesh: Premium Filter For AeroPress Coffee Makers

Altura The Mesh: Premium Filter For AeroPress Coffee Makers

Altura The Mesh is a high-quality, reusable metal filter crafted with ultra-fine stainless steel mesh. Designed specifically for use with AeroPress coffee makers, the filter offers an easy and efficient way to brew your favorite coffee

Durability and economy are primary benefits—this metal filter has been designed to be reused over thousands of pour due to its superior quality. This means that, unlike paper filters, you'll save money over time because you won't have to repurchase filters every few days or weeks.

The food grade stainless steel also provides unparalleled flavor extraction compared to disposable paper varieties – meaning a bolder flavor profile in each and every cup. Providing an unaltered path from the ground bean into the cup below it facilitates uniform brewing times as well as smoother results throughout the entirety of the process.

The Green Polly Organic Hemp Cloth Coffee Filter Cone

The filter cone helps reduce your eco-footprint since its single-use paper counterparts create much waste with every cup brewed. Plus, it's made up of lasting natural fabrications, meaning it will last for multiple uses as long as you clean it properly after each use.

Not to mention, it doesn't leave any paper residue behind like other disposable options often do. This results in flavorful cups with no odd tastes or smells while keeping the flavor profile closer to intended roast profiles due to an even extraction rate produced by the micro pores within the filter material itself.

The Green Polly Organic Hemp Cloth Coffee Filter Cone range comes at an affordable price. It has over 350 positive customer reviews, rating it 4.4 stars on average – guaranteeing satisfaction for every cup brewed using this device.

Cozihom Reusable Pods

Cozihom Reusable Pods

Cozihom Reusable Pods are a convenient and eco-friendly solution to save money while brewing delicious coffee. The pods are compatible with all Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 models, allowing other than K-cups to be used in these machines, providing convenience not found with most reusable capsules on the market.

With an impressive rating of 4.5 stars out of 500 reviews and priced at only $9.39 for two packs plus $5.99 delivery, that is cheaper than single-serve packets, making them great value for money too.

In addition, Cozihom Reusable Pods are made from safe PP material BPA-free plastic which can also be recycled where possible as an environment-friendly alternative to disposable filters/pods from leading brands like Nescafe or Tassimo alternatives.

GOLDTONE Reusable Basket Coffee Filter

GOLDTONE Reusable Basket Coffee Filter

The GOLDTONE Reusable Basket Coffee Filter is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable and dependable filter that is designed to last. This basket-style coffee filter will fit 8-12 cups of baskets, making it the perfect choice for Mr.Coffee makers. Its design also allows it to be easily installed and removed from the machine, so cleaning does not pose a problem.

Thanks to its extremely sturdy material, this stainless steel filter offers superior strength and prevents any deadly coffee grounds leakage. The user-friendly shape means that it can be used with all different brewing methods, including espresso machines and French presses, without any issue or alteration.

RUOYING #4 Reusable Permanent Cone Coffee Filters

RUOYING #4 Reusable Permanent Cone Coffee Filters

They are among the top-rated coffee filters available in 2023, according to our review of 11 of the best coffee filters. These permanent, reusable cone-shaped filters are designed specifically for 8 - 12 cup makers and are rated 4 out of 5 stars based on 44 customer reviews.

These durable, long-lasting filters are eco-friendly and are made from high-quality materials that do not need replacing every use like paper filter products might require.

Cuisinart GoldTone Filter

Cuisinart GoldTone Filter

The Cuisinart GoldTone Filter is one of the most popular coffee filters on the market today, offering many features that make it a favorite for brewing great-tasting coffee. It's available in both a basket and burr mill size option for added convenience.

This filter can be washed easily after each use in stainless steel construction. It removes almost all impurities like finer grounds and oils, which provides better-tasting coffee without sediment or taste tainting your mugfuls.

For those who are skeptical about whether GoldTone filters are superior to paper ones – customers have reported that these metal ones do not impart any flavor onto their coffee, nor does it reduce flavor as much as the paper filter does due to its more microscopic pores letting more natural oils pass through. Hence, scoring higher overall satisfaction than even cloth and cone/disposable options taken into consideration alongside it according to reviews.

Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Filter

Things To Consider When Buying A Coffee Filter

Several key factors must be considered when you plan to get a new coffee filter. First, choosing the right material for your filter is important as this will have a huge impact on flavor extraction from your beans and proper filtering of coffee grounds – neither of which can be overstated when it comes to brewing great-tasting coffee.

Popular materials include paper, metal, or cloth filters, each with advantages and drawbacks. Paper filters offer superior filtration and hassle-free disposal. Still, they can affect delicate flavors like floral notes and citrusy sour tones, while metal ones provide an intense extraction with a robust mouthfeel but can require special cleaning tools.

Cloth filters are another popular option that offers good filtration without sacrificing taste, although they may need more frequent replacement due to inevitable wear and tear over time.

The shape/size of the filter is also important as different styles work better with specific types of brewing machines (e.g., a French press requires larger filters than espresso machines).


Regarding the materials used, coffee filters can be made with paper, metal, or cloth.


Paper filters are a popular and affordable option for many coffee lovers. Paper filters out sediments, oils, and other unwanted particles from brewed coffee.

They are highly absorbent, which makes them the best choice for auto-drip machines as they can prevent fine grinds from getting through the filter. This helps to avoid bitter-tasting brews due to over-extraction.

Furthermore, paper filters clarify your coffee by removing oils that would otherwise be released into your brew when using metal or cloth filters. However, because the paper absorbs much of these oils, it also strips away an element of flavor associated with those compounds; this makes higher-quality beans taste slightly weaker than if brewed without a filter.


Metal coffee filters are ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy a strong and flavorful brew. These reusable metal filters allow for precise brewing control and consistent extraction through their extremely fine mesh construction. This helps trap aromatic oils in the cup to bring out flavor intensity.

Since metal filters don't have any textile fibers that could contaminate the flavor or aroma of your morning cup of goodness, they create a fresher-tasting result that's free from paper residue.

Furthermore, these durable yet lightweight materials make cleanup incredibly efficient. They can be washed off easily and last long enough to justify the extra cost compared to disposable ones used once before being thrown away.

In addition, some brands like BUNN favor using its own Permanent GoldTone Filter because it captures more caffeine than standard paper models, whereas Cuisinart recommends its permanent Pour Over Brewer Cone Filter made from stainless steel specifically designed for heavier-bodied coffees like a French press or cold brews due to its slightly larger holes.


Cloth coffee filters are an increasingly popular choice for sustainable and eco-friendly coffee drinkers. With their reusable design and ability to last through hundreds of uses, cloth filters have a much lower environmental impact than paper or metal ones which need to be regularly replaced.

In addition to this, cloth filters give you the cleanest cup of coffee – delivering only the intended flavors and aromas with no unwanted sediment ending up in your cup.

Cloth filters require some maintenance. However – they must be washed out after each use and also be kept dry between uses as the damp or wet filter can affect the taste of your brew.


The shape of a coffee filter plays a huge role in the flavor and quality of your brew. Conical or cone-shaped filters have small ridges that help evenly distribute water over your grounds while extracting flavor.

These particle-trapping filters are extremely well-suited to coffee makers like Chemex, Bodum French Presses, and Hario V60 pour-over brewers. On the other hand, basket-style filters are rectangular with straight walls and perforations on all sides, allowing for speedy extraction times since they don't need additional time to wick into the paper fibers like conical filters do.

They're especially popular when brewing automatic drip coffees as they offer consistent results cup after cup without accidentally letting too many unfiltered bits sneak through, making for an overly bitter drink.

The Melitta 600 Basket Coffee Filter is one such example of a high-quality basket-style filter that guarantees a delicious cup every use due to its multi-cavity design, which enables thorough filtration and maximum oil absorption during brewing processes - this also ensures optimal flavor release from those signatures freshly ground beans you collect from the local roaster.


The size of the coffee filter you select is just as important as other brewing elements when it comes to producing good-tasting coffee. The size and shape of the filter will affect not only the number of grounds getting into your brew but also influences the extraction level.

For pour-over, a #6 paper filter or a metal mesh screen are ideal for crafting intricate brews—large pores that allow oils and sometimes even small ground chunks to add further flavor complexity in this manual process.

Other automatic drip machines might need smaller filters, such as #2, while some vacuum brewers can take cone-shaped filters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Metal Filters Better Than Paper Filters?

Metal filters deliver a richer cup with full-bodied flavor, as they allow more of the coffee's natural oils and flavors into your drink.In contrast, paper filters offer a cleaner cup with less sediment in suspension than metal filters do because they remove many of those natural oils and other particulates from the final brew, resulting in a brighter and lighter color taste profile. Ultimately, it’s up to one’s preference or choice.

Can I Reuse Coffee Filters?

Absolutely! Reusing coffee filters is not only cost-effective but also offers a variety of benefits that paper and disposable filters cannot. The biggest advantage of reusing a filter is the improved taste, as metal mesh filters produce far cleaner cups than their single-use counterparts.

How Often Should I Change My Coffee Filter?

It is important to change your coffee filter on the regular for optimal flavor and safety. The frequency of changing a coffee filter will depend on factors such as the type of coffee maker in question, water quality, and how often it's being used.

Is It Safe To Drink Coffee Made With A Paper Filter?

Yes, drinking coffee made with a paper filter is generally safe. In fact, it's considered the healthiest way to brew coffee because using a paper filter can help remove substances that may adversely affect our health in large amounts.

How Do I Know When My Coffee Filter Needs To Be Replaced?

Once a month (or even more frequently) is recommended as an average replacement rate depending on how much and how often you brew with that particular filter.

Are Disposable Coffee Filters Better Than Reusable Ones?

Reusable coffee filters, usually made of metal, cloth, or plastic and designed to be used multiple times, have become popular in recent years among home brewers. Many people argue that they are better because they can save money in the long run while also reducing waste. They're also generally easier to clean than most paper filters.


Choosing the right coffee filter can have a major impact on the flavor of your brew. To select the best filters for 2023, we assessed various materials, shapes, and sizes available to determine which ones deliver perfect results each time.

Paper filters make light-bodied strains with no grounds in your cup. Metal filters tend to retain more of the oils and flavors from your drink while providing a fuller body taste.

If you want something reusable and eco-friendly, cloth or organic hemp cone options are increasingly popular due to their convenience factor. Ultimately what makes a great coffee filter will depend on personal preference and specific brewing methods used, such as drip machines vs. pour-over brewers, when considering size and shape factors.

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