The Ultimate Buying Guide- Latte Machine (2023)

17 min read AUG 10, 2023

What’s not easier than making your own lattes? Finding the perfect latte machine that fits all your needs.

With all the choices of latte machines floating around the internet today, ranging from seriously expensive to not, you might end up buying one that’s just not up to the task of making the perfect latte for you!

We think the “the more expensive the better” phrase doesn’t quite add up to these machines.

So whether you’re just starting out or feel like a seasoned latte drinker or maker, we save you the trouble of research and quickly help you find the perfect machine that screams you. Check out our list of the best latte machines to get in 2023!

What’s In Store For YOU

  • Our Favourite Pick: Breville- Barista Express BES870XL
  • For Coffee Enthusiasts: RancilioGroup- Silvia
  • Milk Frother (Best): Philips- 3200 Series

There are plenty of things to consider before you purchase the perfect latte machine. Scroll down to learn about them:

Choosing The Perfect Latte Machine

What Qualifies As A Latte Machine?

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of things to consider when choosing or referring to it as a latte machine. Still, under all the guise or excluding the fact that we are making a latte, it's a simple coffee-making machine that helps make delicious lattes.

Wouldn't you agree? You might already know that a latte is simply great coffee drowned in milk. So most people would consider the milk frother the most essential part of a latte machine, yet we beg to differ.

While some coffee enthusiasts might disagree with us and say that the machine's espresso part isn't as necessary since it only contributes a little to the whole milk taste in a latte, we think it's also one of the most essential.

However, the ultimate goal is to look for that perfect latte machine to manage the milk efficiently!

What Differentiates A Latte From Other Espresso/Coffee-based Drinks?

Since you’re searching for the perfect latte machine, we assume you’re well-educated on this topic. But if you’re not, we’re here to help.

We’ll only discuss the common differences between these drinks, helping you understand what to consider when looking for a latte machine. As such, it’ll be short but well-crafted.

Even though most of these drinks, much like the latte, are espresso-based, milky, have somewhat the same style, and have more or less the same ingredients, the latte is usually sweeter.

This is a key ingredient to remember when you buy a coffee machine that makes mean lattes. In addition, the secret to finding an excellent latte machine is knowing the difference between these drinks—for instance, cappuccino and latte.

If you were to compare it, even though the same ingredients are used, cappuccino usually has more foam than milk, and a latte needs a lot of milk but less foam. We can even talk about how a flat white differs from a latte.

Regardless, it all boils down to the base ingredient, coffee. Why not experience the sheer joy of all these drinks, which are espresso-based, under the same machine tagged as a latte machine?

Can You Get Your Milk Frothed?

In the first place, most people would say that they don't find making latte's a difficult job. After all, it's clearly not rocket science! But if you're fresh out of a rock, meaning you have never made it or don't even know the A's of making a latte, you might find yourself wasting a lot of coffee.

While you don't need to be a latte-making enthusiast to get it right, you can make a fine-tasting latte with quick but extensive research. This is the least you could do before putting your hands on the new shiny machine.

Some of these latte machines will automatically froth milk for you, but some won't. You'd have to research how to froth your own milk as well if you plan on getting a machine that doesn't.

Automatic Or Semi-Automatic Latte Machines?

We've come to one of the most important features you should consider before looking for a latte machine. The automatic or semi-automatic latte machine- how much work will you let the machine handle?

The deciding factor boils down to you. If you want a semi-automatic latte machine, then you're down to have more control over the latte-making process. This will surely give you a sense of pleasure, and you will drink the latte knowing you did all the hard work.

The downside is that if you're a beginner, you might want to learn how to use the frother or the steam wand since you'll do it manually. Expecting a good cup of latte without the proper technical knowledge that the semi-automatic machine comes with would be in vain.

On the other hand, an automatic latte machine is like the advancing AI technologies we have today. It's built for your convenience and is rarely non-user-friendly.

With an automatic, they are mostly packed with great features like a built-in grinder that opens with a press of a button so you can add your favorite coffee beans or a milk frother that is automatic.

While you need the knowledge and to put in work to froth milk using a steam wand with the semi-automatic, you don't require it for the automatic latte machine.

Regardless, even though most of the convenience is achievable by using the automatic, there is little to some manual work to put in, even when it comes to these machines.

However, if you genuinely want the latte machine to have little to no self-interventions in the process of making your favorite drink. In that case, super-automatic machines are readily available to do just that while delivering the exact quality regularly.

Note- Whatever the case, manual or automatic, most of these machines are single-serve.

The Top Latte Machines To Choose From In 2023

While it may seem like the list is filled with espresso machines, which they are, this is clearly not a review for them. That said, we'll highlight all the features that make these great espresso machines the best latte machines today!

Breville- Barista Express BES870XL (Overall Best)


  • Style- Semi-Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- Steam Wand (Manual)
  • Dimensions- 12.5” x 13.8” x 15.9”
  • The Heat-Up Time- 30 Sec

Our top pick is the one and only Breville- Barista Express BES870XL, and for good reasons.

Not only is this latte machine the talk of the town, but it is one of the most preferred choices for anyone. Experienced and beginners alike looking to upgrade from their smaller, convenient but traditional latte maker would be delighted with this complete machine.

Since this, the Barista Express by Breville was created for consumers, and with good coffee in mind, you would be satisfied with the high-quality components it is made with.

In addition to being extremely high quality, it comes with various features like the built-in, conical burr grinder. It perfectly grinds your favorite beans the way you want them, making it easy to grind for each cup instead of buying pre-grounded coffee.

This also ensures you don’t break the bank by spending on other grinders as usual.

The Barista Express also comes with feet that are non-slip, ensuring your safety since this feature keeps the machine stagnant and disallows it to move around.

More incredible features of this amazing semi-automatic machine include a digital temperature control; it does what kitchen thermometers fail to do- accurately give you the perfect temperature consistently to brew the most amazing espressos.

This machine also comes with 16 grinding settings that act on precision and a simple interface, so you wouldn’t have any trouble making the tastiest lattes.

However, the most important feature of this machine that will excite any latte enthusiast is its stainless steel steam wand (360° swivel action) that aids in making some of the best lattes.

Note- the Breville- Barista Express machine might be bigger than most latte machines you might have worked with, so clear up some space before you get it!

De’Longhi- EC155 (Value For Money)


  • Style- Semi-Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- Steam Wand (Manual)
  • Dimensions- 12.2”x19.3”x15”
  • The Heat-Up Time: 45 sec.

The De'Longhi- EC155 is easily one of the cheapest on the list, but don't let the inexpensive nature of this latte and espresso machine fool you.
One of the main reasons latte enthusiasts prefer this over most fancier models out there is because it can easily surpass the machines available in the market today!

We can say that the De'Longhi-EC155 is built for extreme convenience since they are very compact, has some of the most user-friendly interfaces, and is built in a way that is incredibly easy to clean.

In addition, the water reservoir and the drip tray also contribute to this machine's convenience since they are easily removable and dishwasher safe. The machine does self-priming services and has a singular dial control, and you wouldn't face any learning curve with it.

Heating it up shouldn't be a problem since it's only seconds away, but most importantly, the Advanced system it is created with will assure you that you don't wait for two or more shots continuously.

When it comes to frothing milk, it depends on if you like it the traditional way or the machine way. It is done manually, and you'd work with a great balanced milk froth for the perfect latte.

However, since this machine is more on the budget side, ideally, sometimes you'd be working with a less quality foam for any art on your latte. But on the flip side, adding to its features is the 3-in-1 filter that lets you choose from a single espresso shot to a double simultaneously.

Philips- 3200 Series (Top Milk Frother)


  • Style- Fully-Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- LatteGo Milk Frother (automatic)
  • Dimensions- 9.7”x14.6”x17.0”
  • The Heat-Up Time: 1 Min

As mentioned earlier, we believe that good quality espresso is one of the main reasons why a latte tastes phenomenal. Still, we can't disregard milk's importance since it makes up approximately 80% of the drink.

So why do you think the Philips- 3200 Series is on this list? You guessed it! The 3200 Series is equipped with the famous Lattego milk frother that can easily and very hastily mix your favorite milk.

In addition, it adds that perfect creamy layer of froth to your latte which is gloriously splash-free. If you're wondering how it works, the milk is rapidly mixed with air, resulting in the ideal milk at the right temperature.

However, if you think the milk frother is the only thing going on for the Philips-3200 Series, you're highly mistaken. It also features a burr grinder that is built in and ceramic in nature, which keeps you dealing with only fresh beans regularly and effortlessly.

The 3200 Series is also equipped with an effortlessly accessible touchscreen display with easy touch. This feature helps you select five drinks that can be effortlessly customized according to your preference.

Philips also made sure to make their machine as convenient as possible by making all the parts that are removable and dishwasher safe and adding the Aquaclean system. This filtration is the reason why you do not have to clean it after every cup; instead, only once if you reach five thousand cups of perfect lattes. Brilliant!

Jura- E8 (Most Latte Customization)


  • Style- Fully-Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- Frother (automatic)
  • Dimensions-23.9”x17.7”x18.4”
  • The Heat-Up Time- Less Than A Minute 

If you’re yearning for the best-customized latte but want it to be made with as simple as a press of a button, then you’re looking at the machine that can easily do that for you and more.

Most of the Jura espresso machines boast of having some of the most advanced technologies incorporated into them, but as such, it comes with hefty price tags.

The Jura E8 also comes with these advanced mechanics, yet it is cheaper than the rest, making this a valuable machine compared to the more expensive ones.
The features it comes with will make you pretty ecstatic.

Like the burr grinder that is built in for flavor and precise grinding, the PEP (pulse extraction process), and the famous Jura Aroma system that teams up to guarantee its users the most flavor and easy extraction!

In addition, the E8 also boats its IWS (intelligent water system), used for the effective optimization of the quality of water when it brews. But the talk of the town regarding the Jura E8 is its ability to offer massive customization of your preferred drinks.

The machine has many programmed drinks readily available for you with a single push of a button. These twelve drinks also include lattes, and you can efficiently adjust everything, like the strength of the coffee, temperature of both milk and brewing, and volume of both milk and shot!

Ninja- Specialty Coffee Maker (Top Choice For Variety)


  • Style- Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- Frother (automatic)
  • Dimensions- 11.99”x8.76”x15.04”
  • The Heat-Up Time- 5 mins

Making the perfect morning latte drink before you go on about your hectic day has never been easy unless you're using a Ninja- Specialty Coffee Maker. This machine has been ranked amongst the top coffee makers by the company.

However, if you're an espresso geek that prefers the ultimate result, which is the quality of the espresso, you might be slightly disappointed. Since the Ninja-Speciality Coffee maker does not use pressure, it can't make the perfect espresso.

But to make that up, the Ninja-Speciality coffee maker can easily brew a super strong coffee for your various milky beverages. Just don't turn away from this amazing coffee machine yet.

Ninja was awarded a certification from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which is one of the greatest honors in the industry, and we know why.

The Specialty Coffee Maker features a set of four various styles of brewing, equipped to satisfy any beginner or veteran coffee drinkers. It comes in 6 spectacular sizes, and the brewing styles include the classic brew, the rich brew, iced coffee, and the specialty brew, which we will explain accordingly.

The first one offers a more balanced and pleasing flavor, the second gives you a rich and intense pleasure, and the third is simply coffee with ice.

But what latte enthusiasts die for is their specialty brew which gives a strong flavored coffee that is flawless for the milk-based beverage.

While on the topic of milk, the Ninja-Specialty Coffee Maker also offers its fans a unique fold-away frother that can turn any milk to froth, silky and smooth, all in a span of mere seconds.

Nespresso- Lattisima Pro (Top Choice For Capsules)


  • Style- Automatic Capsule (Fully)
  • Frothing Milk- Automatic including carafe
  • Dimensions- 7.64”x13”x10.7”
  • The Heat-Up Time- 40 secs

Another one for the espresso enthusiasts who wouldn’t sit still until they have the perfect espresso with their latte. The Nespresso- Lattisima Pro also does not make the quality espresso that you would want, but then if that isn’t a problem, the machine has a lot to give.

While the espresso is out of the equation, the Lattisima Pro can make quite the fresh and flavorful ground coffee that can flawlessly be used to make your favorite latte.

They make going to work or when you’re in a rush, but you want a cup of latte situation easier since this machine can heat up in forty seconds, leaving you enough time to drink and rush out.

To your surprise, the De’longhi invented the Lattissima Pro, and hence effortlessly can make the espresso shot topped with crema, courtesy of its great bar pump.
But suppose you’re talking about why this machine is an excellent choice for latte lovers. In that case, the Lattisima Pro comes with the famous Automatic system made by De’Longhi, which is coupled with a carafe.

This feature makes it extremely easy for you to create your latte and other milk-based beverages with just a simple push of a button.

Rancilio- Silvia (Best Choice For Coffee Enthusiasts)


  • Style- Semi-Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- Steam Wand (Manual)
  • Dimensions- 13”x14”16”
  • The Heat-Up Time- 10-15 mins

If you’re a latte-making enthusiast and want a machine that perfectly aligns with your goals, then the Rancilio-Silvia might just be the perfect latte machine for you!
It’s made with some of the best commercial-grade parts that will help you create your favorite espresso-based drink in its most beloved states.

This machine offers the greatest stability in temperature, which is entirely helpful in making some of the most flavorsome espressos shot you’ll ever make. Its milk frother is second to none when compared.

There’s a fine line between great steam wands and mediocre ones. Fortunately for you, the Rancilio- Silvia offers a great steam wand that is fully operational using a knob. The knob helps accurately control pressure, making the brewing time effortlessly shorter.

You’d be dealing with easier and perfect microfoam that are extremely silky compared to most machines on our list. In addition, the Rancilio-Silvia is popularly spoken about for its intense durability, courtesy of high-grade steel, so you won’t be changing this machine any time soon.

Breville Bambino Plus (Most Unchallenging)


  • Style- Automatic
  • Frothing Milk- Steam Wand (Automatic)
  • Dimensions- 12.5”x7.5”x12.3”
  • The Heat-Up Time- 3 sec

Another one from Breville on our list is the Bamboo Plus for its creative and unique innovation that is worth considering. This fantastic machine works like a charm for seasoned latte makers since it has remarkable features to enhance your performance and get that perfect-tasting latte.

But if you're a beginner and you're not used to these types of machines, don't fret! The Breville- Bamboo Plus might seem like it's focused more on seasoned baristas. Yet, its simplicity and ability to create a savory latte regardless of talent also make it worthwhile for newbies.

It's certainly priced a lot lower than what it offers, and the machine is automatic, so the volume of the water is pre-programmed, and you'll always get the preferred amount, each and every cup.

Double shot? Single shot? It's already pre-programmed for you. However, what attracts latte enthusiasts the most is its milk frother, which is automatic. Adjust the texture and temperature of your milk, and the only thing you need to do to get that perfect froth is to insert the steam wand.

But if it's the traditional method you prefer, the Bamboo- Breville Plus gives you the option to froth your milk yourself as well, manually! It's compact, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and high-quality tech!

The only downside is this model is made up of more percentage of plastic rather than steel. Other than that, it's plenty exceptional and works like a charm!

Our Verdict

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of these machines mentioned on our list, the clear winner here for us is the Breville- Barista Express BES870XL.

This machine is not only better priced than the rest, but it offers more for you in every single category, like the quality of the machine, coffee making- both flavor and texture, easy-to-use, etc.

With the Breville- Barista Express BES870XL, prepare yourself for some of the most excellent tasting lattes and espressos, but certainly not limited to these drinks!


Can You Use Non-Dairy Milk To Make A Latte?

Yes, you can certainly make one of the best-tasting lattes using non-dairy milk. The same consistency of milk that you would want on a latte might need more work to be achieved, yet it is possible!

There are so many choices of non-dairy milk to use on a latte today. One of the popular choices would be almond milk since it enhances the overall taste of lattes by adding a little bit of nuttiness to the drink. However, if you want a traditional latte without using non-dairy milk, oat milk is your answer!

Is It Possible To Make A Latte Without Using An Espresso Machine?

Yes and no! The thing is, you can make a latte using different items. First, you would need a milk frother that does the perfect job for you and find a way to brew yourself an extremely rich coffee.

Well, that's not hard since you can replace an espresso machine with coffee gear. However, even though you can make your own customized type of latte, you would not get the perfection you desperately seek without a machine that is created for lattes.

How Do I Start Learning Latte Art?

If you're asking this question, we can assume you're already well-versed in making the perfect latte. Since a latte feels incomplete without art for most, we're not surprised!

You might waste a lot of money on coffee and milk since perfection is all we seek. So start substituting your ingredients with cheaper alternatives. You can use charcoal or dark soy for espresso; a dish soap and water mixture can get you that milk alternative.

You can even go for a latte art drop that can easily mimic the consistency of milk and start practicing for your future beautiful latte drink.

Check out Lifeboost Coffee Shine Kitchen Co.® Autopour Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine.

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