The Importance Of Fathers To Lifeboost Coffee, In Our Own Lives, And In The Lives Of Generations To Come

13 min read JUN 16, 2023

Father’s Day is a time where we honor dads, stepdads, uncles, grandpas, and all of the father figures in our lives.

These men have carried us, helped us, and guided us. They keep us in line, they provide, they make us laugh (you know, dad jokes and all), they impart wisdom, and they love us dearly.

And, whether they realize it or not, the example they live before us molds us, aiding each of us in becoming who we are today (as adults), which then ripples into the lives of countless others.

This is why I believe fathers and father figures truly have the power to change the world.

I’m sure you can find multiple examples of this lived out in your own life, but if you’ll journey with me for a moment, I’d like to start this article with a little bit of insight into how I’ve personally seen the role of fathers play a vital part in what I believe makes Lifeboost so great.

Here at Lifeboost, we have many teams who work diligently to take care of orders, finances, products, shipping, content, and so much more.

Myself, I’m one of many who write pieces assigned by our content strategist to bring our customers a variety of information surrounding the subject of coffee, specifically Lifeboost Coffee. But, I also have a unique relationship with our CEO, Dr. Charles. So, I’d like to begin our focus on the importance of fathers today by sharing something a bit more personal…

Fathers, Grandfathers, And Lifeboost Coffee

As Dr. Charles has a hand in each process that takes place within this company, and knowing he most certainly isn’t the braggadocious type, I’m running the risk of him veto-ing this piece, so I’ll openly add - ‘cousin, please bear with me for a moment.’

Yes, I’m Dr. Charles’ cousin. And, because of this I’m privy to many embarrassing, funny, and heartfelt stories about him that I can quickly recall from our childhood.

But, on a more serious note, I’m also privileged to have a unique window of insight into some of the influences that have made him into the man he is today.

My favorite memories from my childhood involve the time I spent with my grandparents, and with my cousin, who I know as Charlie.

I could never accurately count the number of times I walked through my grandparents door to find my uncle (Dr. Charles’ dad) and my grandma and grandpa sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying a cup of coffee.

My mother would often enjoy a seat at the table before work on weekdays. And, my father was most often seen in the same setting on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

“Sit down. You want a cup of coffee?” my grandparents would say to my dad as we walked through the door. And, before they’d converse much at all, my brothers and I would chime in with “where’s Charlie?”

They’d then direct us to the young CEO’s whereabouts, sometimes already outside playing or in the back bedroom getting some time in on the Nintendo or Sega.

When we were very, very young, probably ages 3-7, we’d all (Charlie, my brothers, and I) play “house” in my grandparents garage.

Mimicking what we’d seen from the adults in our family we’d sip our pretend coffee from time to time. Then, being the only girl in the bunch, I’d assume my role of the parent who needed to keep the mischievous boys in line.

Simple times. Ordinary scenes. Nothing too glamorous, right?

Yet, what took place in the day to day, I now see in my adult cousin through his roles as a husband, father, and the CEO of Lifeboost Coffee.

You see, Dr. Charles’ dad selflessly served our country. I believe he’s shared with you prior how his father was a tank specialist, one of the best I’m told.

And, while those days were earlier than my memories recall, I do know this: never, not once in all the countless hours I spent with my uncle did he ever utter a negative thought/word.

Today, one of the things I love most about my cousin, Lifeboost’s CEO, is how he always looks for the positive things in life, even in, especially in, how he runs this company.

He also takes great pride in doing things right, in doing things well.

In these characteristics, I see his father.

Our grandfather was a very hard worker. Even as he aged, he spent countless hours in his yard, garden, and out chopping wood for the fireplace, teaching all the young boys in the family how to do the same.

He was also very wise with finances, and this allowed him to be very generous, acting on his desire to contribute to many within our family and our small town/community.

Today, I see my cousin, our CEO, spending countless hours working hard to do what’s best and what’s right for Lifeboost, acting in great wisdom as he’s operated and grown this company.

I also see the example of our grandfather lived out in Dr. Charles’ desire to generously share health, and coffee, with those who selflessly serve communities both locally and all across the country.

From the charities supported and donations made to many organizations both local and across the world, I see an example of humility and generosity rippling through generations.

The last time I visited my cousin, being the sentimental soul that I am, I choked back tears as I came down his stairs in the morning. He was in his kitchen, preparing his morning coffee, and asked if he could prepare me a cup.

Now, I must say his coffee routine is a little different than what we witnessed as children…

The old stovetop kettle my grandparents often used was replaced by a countertop cold brewer. And, the addition of sugar by the spoonful our fathers indulged in was replaced with a splash of heavy cream, some Everlo drops, and a sprinkle of organic ceylon cinnamon.

But, the care for his family, the love for his wife and sons, the love and consideration for me and my own family even in adulthood through years and physical distance, this was all so very familiar, like viewing a glimpse of my uncle, my own father, and our grandparents through time’s window.

Ah, but why would I detail all of this? What’s the point?

The point is, dads, stepdads, grandpas, uncles, father figures…you matter!

The life you live before those around you matters!

The example you set in your day to day life is a very important part of what will mold and form the next generation, who will then pour into their own families, friends, colleagues, and the world around them.

So, from here forward, let’s examine that importance, then we’ll look at some ways you can connect with, and show appreciation to, the fathers and father figures in your own life.

The Importance Of Fathers

Dads, stepdads, uncles, grandpas, and other father figures, your role in this world can no doubt be overwhelming at times. Your shoulders often bear very large burdens.

Through all of this, may you never forget the importance of your presence, your role, and your example!

The role of fathers and father figures has a huge impact on children, even molding them to become who they’ll grow up to be in this world.

Emotionally, children look to their fathers and father figures to provide a sense of authority and security. The boundaries or rules you set in place, as well as the support you give, provide structure and safety in the lives of your children.

Studies show when dads are supportive and affectionate, this positively affects a child’s cognitive and social development. This also instills children with a sense of self-confidence and well-being.

Intellectually, when fathers have a role in caring for, playing with, and nurturing their babies and young children, these individuals then are proven to grow up to have higher IQs as well as better language and overall cognitive skills.

Behaviorally, when dads engage in play with their young children this translates to a healthy regulation of feelings and behavior, eventually (and potentially) preventing problems with aggression, even instilling patience.

Fathers who engage in play with their young children, whether they realize it or not, are also instilling proper ways to take healthy risks, which leads to safe and successful ways for their children to incorporate this into their adult lives.

Regarding relationships, dads, how you treat your children influences how they will treat others as well as the qualities they will look for in others.

But, your role doesn’t stop there, dad.

Socially, those fathers who are able to positively invest in the lives of their adult children, continuing to support and love them as they have families of their own, foster some of these same healthy characteristics as well as a greater number of healthy social ties.

Maybe you can recall these exact ways your father, stepfather, grandfather, or other father figure poured into your life throughout childhood, and you’d like to thank or honor them?

Or, maybe you’re simply searching for ways to connect?

No matter the reason, there are many ways you can foster, build, and honor the relationship you have or wish to have with your dad, or any of the dads in your life.

Connecting Over A Cup Of Coffee With Dad

As we just discussed the important role fathers have in our lives, one thread running through that role, through those interactions, and through their influence is connection.

It’s one thing to have a conversation now and then with your dad, but it’s another thing altogether to truly connect.

And, that’s just another thing to love about coffee.

One of our core pillars here at Lifeboost is connection, and coffee is a great way to do just that.

You’ve likely seen this in your own life, how perhaps you can come together with colleagues over a cup or two, and as you sip and discuss, you can accomplish needed tasks.

Or, how many of you enjoy meeting up with old friends to reminisce, share, and reconnect over a cup of coffee?

As in those situations, coffee offers the same means of connection in your relationship with your dad (or uncle, grandfather, stepdad, etc).

This is a practice that may seem entirely ordinary, even simple, but it can have a profound impact on your relationship.

Growing up, watching both my dad, and Dr. Charles’ dad, enjoy cup after cup of coffee with their own father (our grandfather), we didn’t just smell the aromas of the coffee as it brewed, and we didn’t simply hear meaningless chatter voiced in between sips from the worn, brown, sometimes chipped, ceramic mugs.

No, when they (or any of us) enjoyed ‘a cup of coffee with dad’ there was wisdom imparted, laughter shared, support given, love shown, and lives impacted.

I don’t remember thorough conversations shared amongst the adults we witnessed as children, but as an adult, the laughter, love, and even specific phrases such as “it’ll be alright,” “how can I help,” and “what do you need,” come to my memory. And, you know what, even now these memories offer comfort and support, long after some of these same loved ones have passed on.

So, sharing a cup of coffee with your dad, whether you’re carefully bringing him a mug as a child, or sitting down together to enjoy a specific, artisanally prepared brew as adults, is truly just a great, and proven, way to connect.

Hey, even the caffeine in your cup of joe shared with dad enhances your time together as it increases your ability to focus and fully enjoy one another!

We’ll get to ways you can celebrate dad by gifting him coffee in a moment, but let’s also recognize that sitting down to share time, heart, and conversation with your dad, granddad, etc. is a gift in and of itself.

In today’s world, our relationships often exist over/through a screen.

Then, we’re also commonly so busy that we miss out on opportunities to simply slow down and spend time with one another.

So, aside from coffee’s amazing health benefits, the fact that this tasty brew has the ability to bring people together to share love, care, and time over a cup…or two, is likely one of my favorite aspects of this beloved bean.

This Father’s Day, or any day before or after, make it a point to get with your dad or other father figure in your life to slow down, clear your schedule, and enjoy a cup or two.

Then, if you’re looking for a few other ideas or way that you can connect, or positively spend time with dad before, after, or in between your shared mug(s), check out these fun, practical suggestions:

  • Call him (you know, skip the text and opt for real conversation, especially if you live far away)
  • Ask him about his heritage, sparking conversation about what’s contributed to who he is today
  • For both children and adults alike, if your dad is able, play catch, go fishing, or go for a walk together…namely, spend time together, specifically in nature
  • Watch a movie, show, or sports game together with your dad
  • Share positive memories together
  • Play a card game, do a puzzle, even play a video game with your dad, depending on his likes, interests (and yours)
  • Ask your dad or other father figure in your life for help on a project
  • Volunteer with your dad, spending time together as you help others

Thanks, Dad

Aside from connecting, many of us also look for ways to do a little something special for our dads this time of year.

And really, this is what Father’s Day is all about, a day set aside to honor and show appreciation towards those men in our lives who’ve supported, loved, and positively impacted us.

Most commonly, we like to do this through gift giving. But, if you’re like me, dad seems to be the one person who you struggle to find the perfect gift for.

So, to close out our time here today, we’d like to leave you with a few ideas…and of course, we think coffee can have you covered when it comes to any occasion, especially Father’s Day!

1. Coffee - Do you know your dad’s favorite roast? What about a flavored selection? A bag, or three, or more, of his favorite coffee could be the perfect gift for dad. It’s simple, it’s practical, and personally, at least when it comes to Lifeboost coffee, I know I’m giving my dad the gift of health as well.

2. Accessories - Chances are, in your youth, you likely gifted your dad a coffee mug at some point. Well, those gifts never go out of style…though it’s probably safe to assume that the mug you got for your dad when you were 7 years old hasn’t stood the test of time.

Just like the mug(s) you gifted him in your youth, any mug or tumbler will most certainly hold sentimental value even today. So, everytime he sips delicious coffee from it, he’ll think of your thoughtful gift and the bond you share.

Of course, beyond mugs and tumblers, there’s a variety of coffee accessories that make great Father’s Day gifts, from storage containers, scoops, brewing systems, and more.

3. Gift Boxes - Coffee gift boxes are another great way to gift coffee to the dads in your life, and with this type of gift, all the guesswork (and packaging) is done for you. Especially if you live far away from your dad, stepdad, uncle, grandfather, or father figure, a gift box can be shipped to their doorstep while including multiple thoughtful items combined to meet any dad’s coffee enjoyment needs as well as communicating a warm “thank you…you’re loved.”

- Include: Give dad the gift of coffee…both as a gift and as an occasion to spend time together (something like this).

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