The Best Dutch Bros Drinks In 2023

11 min read JAN 27, 2024

At Lifeboost we're committed to promoting delicious coffee choices. However we also acknowledge the world of beverages with its range of brands and flavors waiting to be explored. Dutch Bros is one brand that has gained popularity in the Pacific Northwest.

If you happen to reside in this region you might already understand what I'm talking about and have your Dutch Bros creation in mind. For those who are new to this rapidly expanding chain the extensive menu can be a bit overwhelming. Apart from their coffee offerings Dutch Bros takes pride in offering a variety of energy drinks, Italian sodas and unique frozen treats.

While at Lifeboost we prioritize our health blends we also appreciate the excitement of venturing into other popular drinks within the coffee community. So if you find yourself wondering about what to order from Dutch Bros fret not! We have curated a selection of the sought after beverages, from Dutch Bros that loyal customers swear by.

Dutch Bros Do Things Differently

If you haven't visited Dutch Bros yet, this coffee chain is worth checking out. With locations expanded to 11 states, it was originally founded by brothers Dane and Travis Boersma in Grants Pass, Oregon. Dutch Bros sets itself apart from typical coffee shops with its unique West Coast energy and vibe. Everything exudes a distinct charm, from the music to the friendly staff and, of course, the drinks.

While Dutch Bros offers a variety of coffee options, their menu also includes delightful beverages like Italian sodas, teas, lemonades, smoothies, and even customizable energy drinks. As you enter their locations, you'll be greeted by rock music, enthusiastic and friendly employees known as "baristas," and an array of adventurous drinks.

Navigating the menu for the first time might seem overwhelming, but don't worry. Going in with an idea of what you want to order is helpful, and if you're unsure, the staff will gladly answer your questions and provide solid recommendations.

Indulge in the Dutch Bros experience and discover why it has become a beloved coffee destination known for its unparalleled atmosphere and diverse drink offerings.

Top 16 Dutch Bros Drinks for 2023

Indulge in the exquisite assortment of 16 exceptional and beloved Dutch Bros coffee concoctions. This delightful menu presents a wide range of coffee choices, invigorating energy drinks, and other enticing options. Although not an exhaustive compilation, it highlights the absolute finest beverages at Dutch Bros, adored by fans worldwide. And for those who wish to replicate these drinks at home, we have some solid recommendations to do just that!

1. The Macadamia Chocolate Annihilator

Indulge in the timeless beauty of the Macadamia Chocolate Annihilator, a true masterpiece from Dutch Bros' coffee drinks. Whether you savor it iced, hot, or blended, this exquisite beverage combines the richness of espresso coffee, the allure of chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and the velvety smoothness of half-and-half. Prepare for a symphony of flavors that will enchant your taste buds and transport you to a world of pure bliss.

To recreate this drink at home, try Lifeboost Coffee Chocolate Macadamia Truffle. You will also find this coffee in the decaf version.

2. Caramel Kicker with Iced Oat Milk

Indulge in the delightful experience of a unique Dutch Bros drink not officially listed on the menu, yet far from being a secret. Begin with the Kicker, but instead of the usual breve, choose the indulgent creaminess of oat milk. Enhance it with a luscious drizzle of caramel syrup. Served over ice, prepare to savor the Caramel Kicker Iced Oat Milk, a fusion of non-alcoholic Irish Cream and decadent caramel that beautifully complements the bold coffee kick. Get ready to immerse yourself in this exquisite blend.

You can make your own Caramel Kicker at home with Lifeboost Espresso coffee.

3. The Rebel Vampire Slayer

Ideal for the summer season, the Rebel Vampire Slayer offers a delightful blend of strawberry and pomegranate infused with Dutch Bros' invigorating base. This captivating beverage resembles a delectable treat reminiscent of blood, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Please note that this tantalizing concoction is exclusively available during specific seasons, so plan to indulge in its exquisite flavors accordingly.

4. Dark Chocolate Iced Grand Canyon OG

This decadent treat is a Dutch Bros secret menu item, so you should know its components to get the real deal. Initiate with the breve cookie, with white chocolate flavors and macadamia nut.

The Gand Canyon also gets a heavy dose of dark chocolate milk in the coffee for a blend that provides a real hoist.

5. Dutch Bros Coffee Flap Jack Breve

Indge in the Flap Jack Breve coffee beverage, a delightful fusion of flavors that will transport you to a stack of pancakes. Experience the exquisite combination of salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla syrup, perfectly blended with the richness of coffee and half-and-half.

This all-in-one breakfast delight is a testament to Dutch Bros' craftsmanship, offering a gratifying experience whether enjoyed hot, over ice, or frozen. Immerse yourself in the harmonious symphony of flavors and savor every sip of this remarkable creation. Let the captivating aromas and delectable taste awaken your senses and bring a touch of pure bliss to your day.

6. Rebel Dino Egg

Experience the perfect fusion of timeless flavors with the energy drink creation. The delightful blend of blue raspberry and strawberry is taken to new heights, complemented by a compelling twist of white chocolate syrup and a delicate almond drizzle. Indulge in this exquisite combination for a unique and delicious way to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

But the Dinosaur Egg is more than just its flavors; it's a captivating swirl of vibrant colors that adds to its irresistible allure and visual appeal.

7. Cold Vanilla Brew Dutch Bros Coffee

Starbucks doesn't reign alone in the world of cold brew; Dutch Bros presents its unique take on this popular, low-acidity coffee trend. Taking the experience to new heights, their vanilla-infused cold brew delights with a harmonious fusion of sweet and creamy flavors in regular and sugar-free options. This exquisite creation promises a satisfying indulgence, catering to even the most discerning palates.

You can buy the Lifeboost Cold Brew packs to enjoy a homemade, low-acidic cold beverage.

8. White Coffee & Dutch Crunch Breve

If you have yet to discover the marvels of white coffee, let me introduce you to this delightful beverage. Dutch Bros, in 2015, unveiled their rendition of this unique coffee, which offers a distinct experience.

Compared to darker roasted beans, white coffee boasts lower acidity and higher caffeine content. What sets it apart is its earthier flavor profile, capturing the true essence of the bean.

Indulge in the creamy fusion of hazelnut and strawberry, perfectly balanced by the addition of half-and-half, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors.

You can enjoy this beverage piping hot, over ice, or frozen (as is common with many Dutch Bros creations). Moreover, if you prefer a more traditional approach, you can always opt for their standard coffee instead of the extra-light roast.

Embark on a delightful journey with white coffee, and savor every sip of this remarkable creation.

9. White Zombie Mocha

Experience the delightful White Zombie Mocha for a nuanced white chocolate mocha like no other. This beloved creation from Dutch Bros Coffee combines the perfect balance of coffee, chocolate milk, white chocolate syrup, and vanilla syrup, resulting in a luscious and delectable beverage that will satisfy your cravings. Treat yourself to a truly indulgent and irresistible taste sensation.

Homemade Recommendation - Lifeboost Coffee White Chocolate Mocha. It comes as coffee pods too, for your Keurig machines.

10. Dutch Bros Coffee Snickers Mocha

Indulge in the irresistible Snickers mocha, a must-try drink for those craving the iconic candy bar. This delightful combination combines hazelnut syrups and caramel with coffee and chocolate milk, resulting in a beverage that perfectly captures the essence of Snickers. For a coffee-infused milkshake experience, you can even enjoy it in a frozen form. And don't worry, if you prefer a sugar-free option, they've got you covered. Treat yourself to every sip of this delectable beverage that embodies the irresistible flavors of Snickers.

11. Aquaberry Rebel

Among the refreshing iced beverages Dutch Bros offer, the Aquaberry Rebel is a delightful choice for those scorching summer days. With an exquisite blend of flavors, including watermelon, blue raspberry, kiwi, and strawberry, it caters to a diverse range of taste preferences.

It's worth noting that some of these delectable flavors are also available in sugar-free options. If you have any concerns about your sugar intake, it's advisable to consult your friendly broista for guidance.

12. Toasted Mallow Iced Latte

Amidst the cold climate of the Netherlands, there's a coffee beverage that captures all the attention. But here's the exciting part - at this particular chain, you can savor it piping hot or refreshingly chilled. Let’s introduce the Toasted Mallow Iced Latte, a delightful blend of coffee, your preferred milk, vanilla, and chocolate macadamia nut syrups. This exquisite concoction encapsulates authentic flavors' essence, evoking memories of cozy campfires. Indulge yourself in this harmonious symphony of tastes and embrace the comforting warmth it brings.

13. Christmas Morning Chai & Whipped Cream

Experience the exquisite white chocolate and creamy half-and-half blend in this delightful tea-based beverage, elevating the already spiced chai to new heights. And for an extra touch of Christmas magic, top it off with a dollop of whipped Cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. Indulge in this decadent treat and savor every sip.

14. Dutch Bros Coffee French Toast Frost

It is undoubtedly one of Dutch Bros' most highly acclaimed beverages, and it's easy to see why. Imagine a delightful harmony of regular coffee infused with the indulgent essence of brown sugar, complemented by the velvety nuances of white chocolate, and elegantly topped with a delicate sprinkle of cinnamon. This exquisite combination is a true masterpiece, offering a symphony of flavors that will thrill your palate and leave you craving for more. Captures the essence of a classic breakfast delight, all encapsulated within a single cup.

15. 911 Cold Mixture Breve

Experience the exquisite Dutch Bros coffee creation that takes your favorite high-octane drink to new heights.

Introducing the legendary 911 Irish Cream Breve, a masterful blend of non-alcoholic Irish Cream syrup, six shots of espresso, and rich half-and-half.

But that's not all, infused with the chain's signature homemade cold-brewed coffee, brace yourself for an unparalleled caffeine rush that transcends all expectations.

16. Mango Strawberry Smoothie

The Dutch's iced drinks menu offers a delightful array of smoothies in various single-fruit flavors. However, the chain encourages customers to unleash their creativity and mix things up. One standout choice is the Mango-Strawberry smoothie, which perfectly combines the luscious flavors of mango and strawberry. Served ice-cold, this refreshing beverage is the ideal companion on a scorching summer day.

Wrapping Up

Regarding the finest beverages at Dutch Bros, the consensus is crystal clear. This coffee chain not only fosters a culture of unleashing customer creativity to craft their dream drinks but also brings a fresh perspective to the world of coffee. Dutch Bros presents various beverages in various formats by skillfully blending elements such as mocha, breve, flavored syrups, and more.

While it's certainly thrilling to explore flavors and visit coffee shops, like Dutch Bros, it's important to keep in mind the fundamental principles behind your coffee preferences. Here at Lifeboost we prioritize both your health and taste buds by offering a one of a kind brew that nourishes your body and uplifts your spirit. So after your exciting detour with Dutch Bros, whenever you crave that nourishing, health-conscious cup of coffee, Lifeboost will be right here waiting for you, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds.worlds.

Frequently asked questions

Does Dutch Bros serve hot drinks?

Yes! Dutch Bros offers a variety of delicious hot drinks, including classic espresso-based beverages and signature lattes. Customers can add their favorite flavored syrups and creams for an extra dose of sweetness and flavor.

Can I customize my drink at Dutch Bros?

Absolutely! Dutch Bros encourages you to customize your drinks with their extensive range of syrups, creams, and flavor shots. You can also opt for a single-fruit smoothie or create your unique flavor combination. The possibilities are endless.

Is Dutch Bros coffee organic?

All the coffees served at Dutch Bros are organic and fair trade certified. It means they are grown without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals, thereby reducing environmental damage and supporting sustainable farming practices. In addition, all coffees purchased through Dutch Bros support communities in developing countries by providing better wages and working conditions.

Does Dutch Bros offer any dairy-free options?

Dutch Bros offers many vegan and dairy-free options, including almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and soy milk. They also have a wide selection of sugar-free syrups and flavors, so you can still enjoy your favorite beverage without the guilt.

Does Dutch Bros offer catering services?

Dutch Bros offers various catering services for special events and functions. Their experienced baristas can provide delicious drinks tailored to your needs, making any event memorable. Whether it's a small gathering or a large celebration, Dutch Bros has you covered.

Does Dutch Bros have loyalty programs?

Yes, Dutch Bros has several loyalty programs that customers can use. For instance, their "Brew Crew" loyalty program provides exclusive discounts and rewards to members. Additionally, they offer a punch card system where you can earn free drinks after buying ten drinks of any size. With these programs, Dutch Bros makes saving money easy and enjoying your favorite beverages easy.

Does Dutch Bros offer any health benefits?

Dutch Bros offers many health benefits, such as reducing stress and fatigue, improving alertness, and providing antioxidants. Additionally, their beverages are made with natural ingredients that are free of preservatives or artificial sweeteners. In this way, they help promote a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing flavor. With its quality drinks and commitment to sustainability, it's no wonder Dutch Bros continues to be a favorite among customers. Whether looking for something quick and easy or a unique beverage experience, Dutch Bros has you covered.

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