Quick & Easy FIX for a Keurig Not Brewing

4 min read FEB 22, 2023

Keurig coffee makers are an easy, convenient way to make iced or hot coffee - all you have to do is insert a K-Cup and press the brew button! But it's time for some troubleshooting when your Keurig stops working correctly. Luckily we've got helpful tips and tricks that can get your favorite brewer up and running again in no time. So don't worry; with our guide by your side, delicious cups of coffee will be just around the corner.

Reasons why Your Keurig Won't Brew

Although Keurig machines may seem straightforward, they contain countless parts that can malfunction. If your brewer isn't working properly, it might need to be reset, or the water reservoir could have been connected incorrectly. For your Keurig to return to its optimal condition, you will also likely require a descaling process that eliminates any mineral buildup from the tank and internal tubes.

Several potential causes may prevent your Keurig from producing a cup of hot, fresh coffee, but fear not! This comprehensive guide will help you quickly identify and remedy the issue to return to enjoying your favorite morning drink.

Methods to fix a Keurig that Won't Brew

If your Keurig coffee maker is not functioning properly and will not brew, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it.

1. Check Your Setup

The first step is to check the setup of the machine. Are you sure that it is plugged into an active power outlet? Have you added enough water to the reservoir? Do all of the settings look correct? If anything looks incorrect, go back and reset the machine according to the user manual.

2. Reset Your Keurig

After checking the setup, if your Keurig still won't brew, try resetting it. Open up the lid of the brew head and turn off the machine before unplugging it from its power source. Remove any water from its reservoir before leaving it unplugged for at least thirty minutes. When you plug your brewer back in, make sure that any settings on the machine are correctly set up again.

3. Clean Your Machine

Another solution is to clean your Keurig coffee maker. Keeping your machine clean regularly is important for keeping it in proper working order. To clean or descale your Keurig, follow directions as indicated in its user manual or online tutorials for guidance on performing either process properly with or without vinegar. Additionally, if you find that there are clogs blocking your brewer's puncture tools, refer to our guide on how to unclog them easily and quickly.

4. Call Customer Service

Finally, if none of these methods seem to be working to fix a non-functioning Keurig brewer, contact customer service by referring to their warranty information or call their support line directly. They may be able to provide assistance in getting a replacement part necessary for solving this issue or even provide instructions on how best to perform certain maintenance steps specific to each product model type.


We hope this guide has helped get your Keurig back up and running. Remember, the key steps are checking your setup, trying a full reset, and cleaning it thoroughly. If that doesn't work, then you can always reach out to Keurig's customer service for further help with troubleshooting. Enjoying delicious cups of coffee from your favorite brewer is just around the corner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if my Keurig won't brew?

First, check your machine's setup and ensure it's connected properly to a power source. If that doesn't work, try resetting the machine and thoroughly cleaning it. If all else fails, reach out to Keurig's customer service for further help with troubleshooting.

How often should I descale my Keurig?

The frequency of descaling will depend on how hard or soft your water is and how much you use your brewer. Generally, it's recommended to descale every three to six months, depending on usage.

Can I use vinegar to descale my Keurig?

Yes, you can. White vinegar is an effective and natural solution for descaling your Keurig brewer. However, make sure to check the user manual or watch tutorials online before using it, as some models require a special descaling solution or process.

What should I do if my Keurig's puncture tools are clogged?

If your brewer's puncture tools are blocked, refer to our guide on unclogging them easily and quickly. Be sure to also clean the puncture needles regularly as part of your machine maintenance routine.

What if none of these methods work for fixing my Keurig?

If none of the steps outlined above seem to be working, then you can contact customer service for replacement parts or assistance in troubleshooting. Refer to their warranty information or call their support line directly for more help.

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Water makes noise like starting then stops why???

Ben Dawson

My Keurig stopped working. The blue lights are all lit up and won’t power off. In dire straits. I guess I’ll keep messing with it and see if I have any luck.

Christine Bentley

GARBAGE! Wasted money! Have tried to clean and reset this BRAND NEW Keurig 3 times. Will not brew with or without a K-cup! It turns on and THAT’S IT! Will do absolutely nothing else! Did not get one single cup of water/coffee from this pot! Frustrated and highly disappointed!

Ernie Azua

The descale light turned on but had already done it recently. We do not have hard water. When we try brewing it turns itself off. I do not have customer service phone number to call! Advice


Keurig Coffee maker stpped working, just bought it last year. Won’t even turn on. It’s going back to Costco. PIECE OF JUNK.


My Keurig (single serve) won’t even turn on. No warning…nothing….. I’ve wasted 3 Kpods and nothing……


I did every step possible and the kuerig brews without the kcup in but when the kcup is in the water/coffee does not come out. The water is like backed up. Once I take the kcup out the water continues as brewing. I tried w several kcups and same results. Mad n upset with these kuerig machines. Now I have 2 that stopped brewing.

Carol arvis

I’ve had the keurig slim for 4-5 months and four days ago I ran the descaling cycle. Since then I’m unable to stop the ‘descale’ light from being on…don’t have the brew ‘brew’ light and as a result I’ve been operating without any coffee in my system! This morning I couldn’t take it anymore and brewed a cup just to see what would happen. I drank the coffee and just had a bit of grounds in the bottom of my cup. Please help me get my new/old machine back.

Tracy Dwyer-Baker

I’ve used my new Keurig for 6 weeks and the machine just quit working mid-brew. I have followed all the troubleshooting suggestions and still my machine doesn’t work.
My inexpensive MrCoffee worked for 3 years. I don’t have time to spend trying to get a replacement that is likely to fail the same way based on the reviews. I consider this $150 a sunk cost and will never buy or recommend this product. I wanted to post this review so others are aware.


I am so disappointed in this Keurig machine. I bought it in October and as of May 23 it no longer works. These coffee makers are not made well at all.

John Bertoni

Our latest Keurig brewer is terrible. It is just quit on us again. We have double-filtered water. We just cleaned the Keurig according to the instructions, and it finally began to work again—but only for a day or two. Now it won’t brew any coffee at all. We are going to change to another coffee maker, but Keurig and its whole community deserves to know the truth. Warming up water should be simple. Also, it should be simple to run the hot water through a K-cup that says “KEURIG” right on it. We deserve better. What will you do about it? John


How can Kurig make a machine that makes only water and not Coffee. If a simple disconnect of hose to Coffee Pot – make better so does not disconnect after numbers of lifting and lowering pod area handle. Also, don’t design top part to be flat on top of drawer housing – only accumulates nasty dirt and slime if you do not lift up assembly each week…make simple to avoid catching the stupid gene

John A Garcia

I’ve lost faith in this company, the Keurig, I am on my second coffee machine and that has quit 😢. I got my second machine free because the first one was still under warranty, my second machine lasted 13 months. I don’t think I will be spending any more money on these machines. I hope someone of importance see my remarks. Jag

Cecil & Kay Adams

Machine does not turn on, What settings are required?


Have to restart 3 times to get my coffee. Cleaned it, no help


I love my Keurig 2.0. I waited too long to descale it and the needle was plugged. I cleaned the needle & did a couple of cycles with vinegar & it works great. I’ve had this one for three years & the one before for about eight years before I had to replace it.

Robert Russell

Glad I bought the Keurig Supreme at Costco. It stopped working after a couple weeks. Tried all solutions on the web. Returned it to Costco and got another. Same issue after a week. Glad that the Costco Return Policy is so good. Returned the second – no questions. Did not buy a third obviously.

Sue Colley

This is the 3rd Keurig coffee maker I have had that has stopped working.
I have descaled it ,tried resetting and nothing seems to work This one has been used only for a short time.
I makes a humming noise but wil not run water through


Did everything I’m supposed to and it still won’t work what a waste of money


I have had this Keurig for less than a year. It is just blinking. I can’t even have my coffee this morning. What a disappointment for a name brand.


I purchased the keurig slim for last years Christmas’s 2023 . When the light came on to Decale
I used the kit . Followed instructions and now the Decale light comes each time I make coffee. I need help..


I purchased a K Express on November 20, 2024. It quit working after 3 months. I have done everything that is suggested, but to no avail. So disappointed.


This is my third keurig machine it only lasted 3 months this one stopped working after descaling, troubleshooting suggestions did not work I will try to return it since I kept the box this time what a disappointment for a brand name appliance


Keurig k slim makes hot water only. No coffee. Needle is not puncturing the bottom of the coffee pod. Have descaled twice and cleaned and taken apart everything I can. Tried to have an on line chat but am not paying $29 for a membership to do so. Have wasted 13 k pods today already. Not a happy camper today!


Brand new Keurig machine, (3 months), and can’t get it to brew. The motor is running but I get a few drops in the cup. There is plenty of water and it shouldn’t need to be cleaned or reset.