Introducing Starbucks' Delicious Caffe Misto: Your New Favorite Coffee

7 min read JAN 08, 2023

 You may have heard of the new, trending drink called the caffe misto, also known as a “cafe au lait.” While the caffe misto is gaining popularity at places such as Starbucks, this delightful beverage is something you can easily make at home with your favorite Lifeboost coffee!

In this article, we’lI explore what the caffe misto is, how to make it with your own healthy brew at home, and answer all of your questions about this new trend!

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Do you know what a Caffe Misto is?

It's incredibly straightforward - it's just 1/2 brewed coffee and 1/2 steamed milk. See, that wasn't too difficult to understand! The perfect hybrid of a cafe au lait and a latte, the caffe misto is an American breakfast staple that has been delighting consumers for years. Although similar to its espresso-based relative, there are several key distinctions between the two drinks – making it all the more unique in every sip!

If you want a caffe misto, also known as a cafe au lait, double-check your order with the barista before it's made. That way, they can ensure that your drink is crafted just how you like it!

Crafted with a luscious layer of foam, the classic caffe misto can be customized to your individual preference. Sometimes that means warmed milk with no foam or a higher coffee-to-milk ratio.

The core components of this beloved beverage never change freshly brewed coffee and steamed milk.

Latte Vs. Caffe Misto

Enjoy the perfect combination of coffee and creamy milk when you get a caffe misto! A sprinkle of foam can be added to top it off and make your drink even more luxurious.

A caffe latte is always created with espresso and velvety-smooth foamed milk.
The most distinguishing factor between a latte and caffe misto lies in the type of coffee used. A traditional latte requires espresso, while brewed coffee takes center stage for any caffe misto.

While the type of milk is essential, it's secondary compared to a caffe misto. With this beverage, you can choose from an array of delicious milk for added flavor. From a frothy top layer of milk foam to no foam, any variation can be blended with coffee and called a caffe misto.

Perfecting a latte necessitates exactitude; it must incorporate espresso and precisely adhere to the 1:3 coffee-to-milk proportions. An espresso-based latte is never complete without a delightful layer of foam and the right buoyancy to craft beautiful, intricate latte art.

Unlike a latte, which is typically decorated with intricate designs in the foam topping, a caffe misto lacks any such extravagance due to its construction of brewed coffee.

Discover how to craft the perfect Caffe Misto

If you're looking for a delicious and convenient coffee drink, caffe misto is the way to go! You don't need special equipment or machi7rgrbnes either - making it at home is straightforward.

The steps are effortless, and I'll demonstrate the most efficient way to achieve them.


To craft a delectable caffe misto, only a few ingredients are necessary:

  • Your preferred brewed coffee (we recommend Lifeboost Espresso)
  • Brew your coffee the way that you love it
  • Your favorite milk (or milk alternative)
  • Lastly, you'll need something to warm your milk.

Believe it or not, all you need to craft a remarkable caffe misto is already in your kitchen. No special equipment is required!

Brewing process

The craft of brewing is a straightforward process.

Begin by brewing up an aromatic cup of your preferred coffee. Subsequently, bring the temperature of your milk to just beneath boiling. If you don't own a specific steamer or frother, there is no need to worry! You can similarly heat it on the stovetop.

With ease, one can recognize when the temperature of stove-warmed milk is suitable for consumption by looking out for slow bubbles forming around its edges. Once the bubbles start forming, remove your milk from the heat and avoid boiling it.
To experience the ultimate coffee sensation, froth your milk before adding it to create a delectable flavor-rich blend.

Finally, combine your freshly brewed coffee and warmed milk to get a perfect 1:1 ratio of coffee to milk! Now you can sit back, relax, and savor the excellent taste of your homemade beverage.

More tips

  • You can quickly create delicious frothed milk with a French press in your kitchen. Simply pour the warmed milk into the device and gently push its plunger repeatedly until foam is achieved. Tiny bubbles will soon appear at the peak of your froth, and you're all set! However, there are other alternatives to making foamy milk in your home.

  • For a bolder cup of coffee, don't scare away from brewing it with extra strength. To create a perfectly balanced cup of coffee, use an equal amount of milk to coffee - but if you're after stronger coffee flavor, increase the strength of your brew. You'll find that this does wonder in balancing out diluted flavors and still gives you a great-tasting caffeine fix!

  • Spice up your caffe misto by experimenting with varying temperatures and ratios! This drink is entirely based on individual preference. I prefer a smaller amount of hot milk instead of the conventional 1:1 ratio, giving me an incredibly indulgent coffee-milk experience.

  • Before ordering a caffe misto at your local coffee shop, ask your barista how they prepare it and be confident that the drink is created according to your liking.

  • Elevate your caffe misto with a yummy hint of flavor! Add some of your favorite flavored syrup to the warm milk before adding it to your coffee for an extra delicious treat.

What Aromatic Flavour Does Caffe Misto Offer?

If you are familiar with the flavor of latte, then that's a great beginning point to understand how a misto coffee tastes. Unlike a latte, the taste of a caffe misto won't be as strong due to its lack of espresso. Instead, the steamed milk's flavor will be presented beautifully and provide balance to some of the coffee's strengths.

Imagine hot chocolate as an example. This beverage's flavor and texture come from a combination of ingredients; it is not simply melted chocolate. Milk serves to both add taste and lessens the intensity of the cocoa for a more palatable concoction.

Similarly, the caffe misto also offers a unique experience. The inclusion of milk helps to soften some of the coffee flavors and create an even-flavored drink that is pleasing and smooth on your palate.

If you're looking for a strong but not too intense beverage, then the caffe misto might be ideal. It's brewed coffee instead of espresso so that it won't hit your taste buds as hard!

That's the quintessential flavor of a caffe misto, but remember, you can customize it to your preference - we recommend our Lifeboost Medium Roast to bring out even more smooth flavor and texture!

Frequently Asked Questions On Caffe Misto

Is Caffe Misto a type of flat white coffee?

No, Caffe Misto is not a type of flat white coffee. While both coffees contain steamed milk, the significant difference comes from the base ingredient. A caffe misto uses brewed coffee as its foundation instead of espresso shots that are used for flat whites.

What temperature should I heat the milk for making Caffe Misto?

It is recommended to heat the milk for caffe misto at a medium-low temperature, just below boiling point- this helps in creating a creamy texture without burning the milk. You can also froth your milk before adding it to your misto for an extra creamy experience.

What is the ratio of coffee and milk in Caffe Misto?

The ratio of coffee and milk in a caffe misto is 1:1. For every ounce of brewed coffee, you should use one ounce of steamed milk. The exact amount can vary based on personal preference, but using this ratio as a starting point will help create the perfect balance between coffee and milk flavors.

Is Caffe Misto served with sugar?

No, caffe misto is typically not served with sugar. Adding milk and coffee creates a naturally sweetened beverage, making it unnecessary to add any extra sweetness. However, if you want an extra hint of flavor, feel free to add some flavored syrup or your favorite sweetener.

Is Caffe Misto an excellent alternative to espresso drinks?

Yes, caffe misto is an excellent alternative to espresso drinks if you are looking for a beverage that is still strong and flavorful but not as intense. Combining brewed coffee and steamed milk helps equalize the flavor and create a more balanced drink. Additionally, the caffe misto will be slightly lighter on your palate than an espresso-based beverage.

Are there any variations of Caffe Misto I can try?

Yes, absolutely! There are several ways you can customize the caffe misto to make it unique and more flavorful. For example, you can add flavored syrups or spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg to enhance the flavor of your misto. You can also experiment with different types of milk, such as almond milk or coconut milk, for a more exotic and creamy taste. You can even add some liqueur to your coffee for a delicious treat!

Is Caffe Misto as strong as espresso?

No, caffe misto is not as strong as espresso. The difference comes from the type of base ingredient used; espresso is brewed with concentrated shots of coffee, while caffe misto uses a weaker brewed coffee. Additionally, adding milk to the misto helps soften some of the flavors and creates a more balanced and mellow taste.

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