How To Make Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew At Home?

4 min read OCT 16, 2023

At Lifeboost we are passionate about offering a range of premium health coffee choices for our valued community. While we strongly believe in the benefits of our blends we also understand that occasionally indulging in a popular coffeehouse delight can be a deviation from our daily routine.

Starbucks, a leader in the coffee industry has captivated many with their Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew—a beverage described by the brand as "extraordinary" and "incredibly smooth." If you're craving the taste but prefer to stay indoors fret not! We have you covered. Our copycat recipe allows you to recreate this drink in the comfort of your own home. Guess what? This luxurious treat only requires three ingredients; brew, vanilla syrup and half and half.

If you're eager to master the art of making Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Maybe even put your unique touch on it with some Lifeboost flair. Keep reading for the step by step recipe!

What Is Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew?

Starbucks’ official website describes Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew as a blend of slow-steeped Cold Brew coffee with vanilla, finished with a delicate splash of vanilla sweet cream. In a Grande cup (16 ounces), the drink has 110 calories, 14g sugar, and 5g fat.

You can find this drink on Starbucks’ iced coffee menu. As for recreating it at home, you’ll need three easily available ingredients along with ice cubes and 5 minutes of your time. Well, 5 minutes if you already have the Cold Brew ready!

Ingredients For Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Here’s the only catch: you’ll need around 14-18 hours to prepare cold brew coffee. Hence, it’s best to make a large batch ahead of time and store it in the fridge, where it can last for around 7-10 days. This way, you can make your Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew on the go!

Or, if you wish to enjoy the drink in the morning, you can steep your cold brew the night before. All you have to do is mix water and coffee grinds in a large pitcher and let it sit overnight in the fridge (minimum 12 hours). Then, strain the water to get rid of the coffee residue when you’re ready for use.

Moreover, if you're looking to simplify the process even further, consider exploring pre-packaged cold brew blends available online. Products like Biotics Cold Brew or Cold Brew Packs from Lifeboost come in such convenient packages.

Vanilla Syrup

Vanilla syrup is used for making sweet cream as well as sweetening the cold brew. You can use either homemade or store-bought ones. You might also find Starbucks vanilla syrup at your nearest outlet if you’re in luck. But be ready to spend about $14.

We prefer making our own vanilla syrup at home. Here’s how:

  • Simmer ¾ cup water and ¾ cup sugar in a saucepan.
  • Stir until sugar dissolves completely.
  • Turn off the heat and add 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, and voila, your sweet vanilla syrup is ready to go!
  • You can store it in an airtight container in the fridge. It’ll last for up to 14 days.

Half & Half

In the exact Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream recipe, the company uses 2% milk and heavy cream for making their Sweet Cream. But why take the long route when you can easily buy half & half at your nearest supermarket?

Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew: Step-By-Step Recipe

With the following recipe, you can make a 16-ounce cup of Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew:

  • To make the Sweet Cream, stir ¼ cup of half & half and 1 tbsp of vanilla syrup.
  • Pour 1 cup of Lifeboost cold brew and 2 tbsp of vanilla syrup into a glass.
  • Next, add 1 cup of ice cubes.
  • Finally, pour the Sweet Cream into your drink and enjoy!

Things To Keep In Mind

  • If you want to make Sweet Cream like Starbucks does, follow this recipe. Mix 6 ounces of heavy cream, 1 ounce of vanilla syrup, and 3 ounces of 2% milk.
  • The more Sweet Cream, the creamier and sweeter your drink will taste.
  • To enjoy Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew the entire week, you can make your Cold Brew and vanilla syrup in advance and store them in the fridge separately.
  • You can steep Cold Brew with any kind of coffee grounds. But we recommend using Lifeboost Cold Brew coffee for best results. It is not only superior in taste, but also less acidic and easy on the stomach.


What is the difference between iced coffee and cold brew?

The difference between iced coffee and cold brew is that while iced coffee is simply brewed hot coffee that’s cooled down, the latter is made by steeping ground coffee in cold water for several hours. As a result, cold brew is milder and smoother in taste than iced coffee.

What is sweet cream?

Sweet cream is a dairy product used for sweetening coffee. It contains around 10-20% milkfat without added sugars. At Starbucks, you’ll find vanilla-flavored Sweet Cream.

Is Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Healthy?

We wouldn’t call it healthy per se, but Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is one of the low-calorie drinks from Starbucks. The good news is you can always cut down the amount of syrup and sweet cream to further reduce the sugar and calorie content of the drink.

How is Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew made at Starbucks?

As per the official website, Starbucks makes their Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with their signature Cold Brew coffee, a splash of Sweet Cream, ice, and two pumps of vanilla syrup.

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