Many prefer a 1:4 coffee to water ratio for making cold brew. Keep in mind as you brew, if this is too strong for you, you can always use this as a concentrate and dilute with water or your preferred creamer or milk.

Shelf life?

Diluted cold brewed coffee concentrate will last roughly 3 days in your refrigerator. Undiluted cold brewed coffee can last between a week to ten days, with quality and flavor decreasing each day over a week.

How to store?

While cold brew can be made at room temperature, be sure that you are storing it in the refrigerator.

Do I have to brew for 24 hours?

For a good, strong brew, 24 hours is recommended, but many have concluded that anywhere between 18-24 hours will work.

Which roast is best for cold brew?

You can make cold brew with light, medium, or dark roast coffee. It truly is up to your own taste buds here. (My favorite way to make cold brew is to use Lifeboost dark roast in a french press.)

Grind choice?

You’re going to want to use a coarsely ground coffee bean for cold brew.

Easiest Method?

While this is truly subjective, making cold brew in a french press is easiest for me and is my preferred method.

Do I have to use filtered water?

While you do not have to use filtered water, always know that the better the quality of your ingredients, the better quality your final product will be. This is why we recommend filtered water and Lifeboost coffee.

Does cold brew have less caffeine?

Cold brew coffee does not have less caffeine, but it is less acidic.