Best Coffee and Espresso Maker: Top 5 Best Combination Coffee Makers

12 min read JAN 02, 2023

Many people start the day with an energetic spark of coffee. Are you one of them?  It has become a morning ritual for many and the best way to start the day. Some families have a single coffee maker, while others include a grinder. But, having so many machines on a counter space may make your kitchen look outdated.

Luckily, combination coffee makers save you a lot of stress. These are 2-in-1 coffee machines you can count on for regular coffee makers or espresso shots. You can make it a daily espresso ritual in your home.

When choosing the best coffee espresso machine, there's so much you need to understand. If you are used to coffee makers, you will realize that they work best with coffee beans. But, with combination coffee makers, there is a big difference. Which coffee beans should I use in a coffee and espresso machine? Is it pre-ground coffee, freshly ground coffee, finely ground beans, or espresso roast?

You must also consider numerous factors and features to get the best coffee and espresso maker. This should not be problematic as we have listed the top 5 best coffee and espresso makers.

  1. Espressione Concierge Fully Automatic Machine 8212S
  2. De'Longhi Dinamica Automatic Combo Machine
  3. Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System
  4. Keurig K-Cafe K-Cup Coffee Maker
  5. De'Longhi All-in-One Combo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Top 5 Best Combination Coffee Makers 2022

Espressione Concierge Fully Automatic Machine 8212S

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We consider Espressione Concierge as the best overall combination coffee maker that you can count on. With this machine, you can simultaneously brew espresso or coffee beverages with just a touch.

The machine is extremely thin, making it perfect for compact spaces. Not all espresso machines have a thermoblock heating system. This is what distinguishes it from the rest.

You will get your first classic espresso drop within 22 seconds. Also, it is fully automatic, making it easy for both beginners and coffee experts to use with just a push of a button. Additionally, it has an LED control panel with a display. You can use it to personalize your double espresso or cold brew and have more espresso shots.

This combination coffee maker also includes a milk frother. Therefore, you can have your perfect cappuccino, macchiato, or flavored topping.

What we like

  • Milk frother
  • LED control panel
  • Automatic
  • Thermoblock settings
  • Easy to use

There is nothing complicated about this combo machine with an integrated burr grinder. All features are user-friendly, and you can count on it anytime. 

De'Longhi Dinamica Automatic Combo Machine

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De'Longhi Dinamica goes the extra mile to give you a tasty combination of espresso and regular drip coffee. It is perfect for beginners and coffee enthusiasts. This automatic coffee and espresso machine are suitable for iced coffee, regular brew drip coffee, lattes, and cappuccinos.

To use this machine for a quality coffee experience, fast grind your coffee beans to the desired size using a burr grinder. Select your favorite coffee style with a button press to choose between coffee and espresso. This machine does not need to attach a portafilter to the group head as it may eliminate spillage of coffee grounds.

But, you can foam the milk using the steaming wand, which is easy to adjust and control, thus making a perfect topping. Its maintenance is also simple. Its brew unit is removable, making it easy for thorough cleanup.

What we like

  • It's automatic
  • Adjustable milk frother
  • It uses 15 Italian bar pump
  • Heat-up quick
  • Steel burr grinder
  • 13 grind setting
  • Perfect for regular brews and espresso-based drinks.

Things to Note about the De'Longhi Dinamica Automatic combo coffee maker;

  • The machine is somehow tricky to navigate for a customized beverage
  • It has no integrated milk dispenser

Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro System

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If you're looking for the best all-in-one coffee machine, then this Ninja DualBrew works best. This is the best combo coffee machine for coffee pods. It will also easily brew specialty drinks, over-ice coffee, espresso beverages, and classic coffee.

Another outstanding feature of this combination coffee maker is the hot water dispenser for instant oatmeal, tea, and soup. Its compact design makes it a great kitchen addition to your counter space.

Use coffee pods or grounds to make specialty drinks and the fold-away frothing wand to dispense milk for a creamy topping. Before frothing, ensure you heat your milk, that is, if you need steamed milk.

Also, you can adjust the brew cycle of this Ninja combo machine if you are a consistent coffee drinker.

What we like

  • Pre-program setting
  • Fold away built-in frother
  • 4 pods brew sizes
  • Hot water system
  • Low water alert
  • Calibrated brew cycle according to your brew size
  • Adjustable water tank

Things to Note about this Ninja model;

  • Brews coffee that is highly concentrated
  • Doesn't make authentic espresso

Keurig K-Cafe K-Cup Coffee Maker

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Keurig K-Cafe single-serve combo coffee maker is the best alternative, especially if you are looking for a budget option. You can also count on it as a standard coffee maker. With this machine, there is no more warming up before choosing your brewing style.

This combo coffee maker has a Smart Start feature making it easy to operate for beginners and professional coffee brewers. Besides heating your water and making your drink, its K-Cafe enables you to brew two-ounce shots or select the desired coffee size.

You can count on this coffee and espresso machine for a latte, cappuccino, and specialty drinks. It's also compatible with K-Cup universal reusable coffee filters and any Keurig coffee pod. More so, many coffee drinkers enjoy using the milk frother as it's easy to use for cold and hot drinks.

What we like

  • Smart start feature
  • Descale alert
  • Compatible with K-cups
  • Perfect for specialty drinks and regular coffee
  • Two hours auto-off feature

One thing to Note about this Keurig combination coffee maker is;

  • It doesn't make authentic espresso as expected.’

De'Longhi All-in-One Combo Coffee and Espresso Machine

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This is one of the best all-in-one coffee machines you can count on as an espresso and drip coffee maker. What makes it among the best is it's a semi-automatic machine. Coffee drinkers enjoy numerous features, such as the dual heating system that efficiently uses both sides. The heating system sets it apart from other coffee makers, including stovetop espresso makers.

This machine is semi-automatic, and you'll have to load its portafilter with coffee grounds, add it to the group head, and pull a shot. Using the steaming wand, you will have to use the milk frother to froth milk manually.

What we like

  • Glass carafe
  • Bold setting
  • Dual heating system
  • Different coffee and semi-automatic espresso on the sides
  • Programmable setting
  • Steamy wand with cappuccino setting

One thing to note about this semi-automatic DeLonghi:

  • It is somehow labor-intensive to brew most specialty drinks 

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee & Espresso Machine

  • Ease of Use

Not all people are professionals to make barista-worthy coffee; that's why it's essential to understand how it works and is set up. Features such as a milk frother, built-in coffee grinder, and tamper make it more convenient. But, before that, you must know how much coffee and espresso you can make at once.

Also, you should look out for special features like programmability or any special filters with a simple automatic switch button. Generally, find out how much your machine works every day.

Coffee and Espresso machines vary depending on the skills and time of use. For delicious coffee and espresso like those sold in your local coffee shop, you must focus on the machine's ease of use.

  • Brew Quality

Brew quality entirely relies on the quality of your coffee maker and coffee grounds. To understand this, you have to learn more about the overall taste of the brew coffee and espresso you need. You can find out by reading reviews left by other coffee lovers. Check what they say about its mouthfeel, smoothness, richness, acidity, amount of sediment, and more.

  • Brew Speed

The brewing speed of a coffee machine matters a lot. From our experience, a brewing speed of 23 to 29 seconds can work better. This means you can rely on your machine even during tight schedules or when late for work. Since the brewing process varies, find out how long it takes to brew a single cup and a full pot of coffee and espresso.

  • Ease of Cleaning

In this modern era, nobody wishes to take hours cleaning a machine. So, when selecting a coffee and espresso machine, find one that is easy to clean. Besides, some are dishwasher safe. You will see more on how to clean a coffee maker. Also, some coffee machine parts can be disassembled, which is a more convenient cleaning process.

The above factors are some of the basics everyone should always have. But there are more things to think about.

Here are some questions that can assist you in finding the best combo coffee maker.

Is the adjustable milk frother or steamer option available?

Most coffee and espresso maker combos can make specialty drinks such as lattes, iced coffee, cappuccinos, and more. You may get some machines that can froth milk without heat, while others use heat to steam the milk and create a velvety texture.

A Super-automatic machine has an automatic steamer allowing you to top it with warm-frothed milk directly to the drink. There are also some espresso machines with no milk option.

An adjustable milk frother can be a great addition and quickly help you find a suitable coffee machine. Always check for the milk options that the device offers.

Does the machine have a grinder?

Some coffee combo machines have grinders, while others do not. There is a good feature, especially if you don't want to purchase an additional grinder. Two grinders are commonly used: a burr grinder and a blade grinder.

Most coffee lovers opt for a burr grinder because of its even grind and best flavor. Burr grinders will grind your coffee beans without heat, producing an even extraction and uniform taste.

Blade grinders are also a good option, but you can grind your coffee beans unevenly. More so, it can even cause premature heating of beans and compromise the flavor. We suggest opting for a burr grinder for a perfect combination coffee drink.

Is a pod option important?

If you need a coffee and espresso machine that is quick enough, consider one with coffee pods. You'll need the best coffee pod option to get a hot drink of your choice.

Some pod machines produce up to 15 bars of pressure for a delicious espresso with Nespresso topping. Choose whether you need regular coffee or an espresso pod option when purchasing pods.

Some machines like Ninja coffee makers, which are coffee pods machines, include a steaming wand.

What Coffee Beans Do You Use for a Coffee and Espresso Maker

Coffee and espresso machines use two different coffee beans. Because each of these drinks is flavored differently. Generally, the coffee machine's medium grind size of medium roast is considered best.

Conversely, coarsely ground coffee beans differ from finely ground coffee in terms of taste. You can consider light and dark roast beans for a coffee and espresso maker combo.

Finely ground dark roasts are best for espresso and are less acidic than light roasts. Fine grinds add more flavor to the beans.

How To Clean The Best Combo Coffee and Espresso Maker

Cleaning a combination coffee maker is essential, especially if you need that flavored and tasty coffee daily. You don’t want your coffee to taste stale. Like the standard coffee makers, this combo machine has features like a coffee pot, built-in grinder, drip tray, glass carafe, filters, coffee grounds container, and more.

You can find minimal coffee grinds trapped in some of these parts, and cleaning becomes the only way to get rid of them.

With a coffee and espresso maker, you should consider regular cleaning. You will also have two sides to clean. Here are some basic steps you can follow while cleaning, but we encourage you to always check the manufacturer's manual for guidance.

- Regularly clean your combo machine after every use. This will prevent the formation of minerals, moldy coffee grounds, and coffee oils in drip coffee and espresso makers.
    - Descale your combo machine every three months. To descale, check the user manual to see your machine's type of descaling solution.

        Thanks to modern technology, some machines alert you when it needs cleaning. Commonly, the machine will shut down entirely unless cleaned or lit up, indicating it needs to be cleaned. Some coffee pod machines require low maintenance.

        When cleaning the espresso side of your machine, rinse your portafilter. Use a soft cloth to wipe down and remove stray grounds. Then using hot water, run it through the machine until it becomes sparkling clean.

        If you use a vinegar solution, ensure you clean it thoroughly to do away with the vinegar taste in your machine. 

        Frequently Asked Questions about The Best Coffee and Espresso Maker

        Are coffee machines and espresso machines the same?

        No. Coffee and espresso machines are different. This is in terms of grind size and method of preparation. To brew drip coffee, the Coffee machine heats water and drips it over the ground coffee and filter.

        Conversely, the espresso machine uses higher pressure to force water over the finely ground coffee beans.

        Do you need special beans for espresso?

        No, there are no special beans for espresso. The beans used are the same. The only difference is its size and how finely ground it is. The fine coffee bean grind and low water-to-bean ratio make your favorite espresso coffee stronger and thicker than regular coffee.

        What's the difference between espresso coffee and regular coffee?

        These are two differently made coffee. Regular coffee comprises coarse-ground coffee beans, while espresso consists of finely ground coffee beans. Due to their grind size, espresso coffee tends to be more robust with intense flavor, unlike regular coffee.

        Also, espresso drinks have to be brewed below 9 bars of pressure. Pressure makes it a smooth and foamy layer on top. This method can take 20-30 seconds per shot.

        On the other hand, regular coffee makers use a slower brewing method in which hot water drips over the coffee beans for a longer period, resulting in a flavored profile.

        What is the golden ratio for drip coffee?

        The golden ratio for filter coffee is approximated at 1:18 by SCA. This roughly means one tablespoon of coffee for every eighteen tablespoons of water. Generally, this is 55 coffee grams per 1000 ml of water. You can also weigh the proper ratio using a scale.

        The Bottom Line

        Coffee and espresso maker combos come in different styles and offer other tasty beverages. Perhaps you want to try new specialty drinks or make quick lattes; coffee quality depends on the machine and bean used.

        So, whether you want to prepare a regular coffee drink or tasty espresso drinks like those in your local coffee shop, you have five great options with Espressione Concierge Automatic Coffee and Espresso maker rated as the best. You can also consider other popular brands like Ninja or Keurig coffee makers.

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