30 Weird Holiday Gifts - From Practical To Pet Friendly, Edible, And More

12 min read JAN 04, 2023

Sometimes we find that shopping for gifts can be difficult, and sometimes it can really be fun!

Whether you have someone on your gift list who is hard to shop for or you simply enjoy finding odd, weird, or unusual gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Finding odd gifts for loved ones around the holidays (or any time of year) can result in memorable, fun moments, and if you’re mindful as you shop, such unique findings can bring a joyful smile to the recipient.

Here we’ve spanned multiple categories, looking for the most comical, odd, unusual, unique…and weird…holiday gifts.

From practical, coffee-themed, pet-friendly, musical, edible, even wearable…we hope you find some unique ideas while enjoying a bit of humor amidst this selection of weird holiday gifts. 

Weird…And Practical 

1- Meat Claws 

This odd gift allows you to channel your inner Wolverine while shredding meat for delicious meals.

Though meat claws may sound odd, they shred any cooked meat with ease, making meal prep a cinch.

A personal side note: I have a set of these. Yes, they do look a bit weird. But, my days of shredding meat with a few forks (often unsuccessfully) are over…thank you meat claws!

 2- Shoe Lights

Lights on your shoes don't exactly sound practical. In fact, they just sound weird, unless you’re a runner (or hiker, avid camper, etc).

Runners and campers can seem hard to shop for, because well, if they need gear, they get gear. But, night runner shoe lights, or something similar to illuminate your hiking, running, or camping friends isn’t just a unique gift, it’s something that’ll keep them safe.

3- Ear Plugs

You read that correctly, not earbuds, not airpods, but actual ear plugs.

Sounds like a weird gift, right?

Well, Vibes ear plugs are great for those needing to tune out distractions to boost work productivity. And here, these come with varying sizes to achieve the perfect fit as well as a travel carrying case for those needing peace and quiet while on the go.

So, while many are seeking buds and pods to fill their ears with sound, you might just choose to go with something a bit unusual, yet practical, this year and give the gift of quiet.

4- Wallet Ninja

Because this would truly be weird, the wallet ninja actually isn’t a wallet sized ninja that you can release from your pocket when you need the help of an actual trained assassin.

No, the wallet ninja is a multipurpose tool that mechanics and carpenters rave over. So, for any gadget lover on your gift list, this odd item will likely bring a smile.

The size of a credit card, the wallet ninja is made of steel, and its unique design allows it to boast a whopping 18 different tools for you to use, stored compactly in your wallet.

5- Lightsaber Chopsticks

Fun, practical, and maybe a bit weird.

But, if you have a friend or loved one who enjoys eating with chopsticks and happens to be a Star Wars fan, lightsaber chopsticks that actually light up sound like the perfect weird holiday gift!

Weird…And Coffee Related

1- Coffee Playing Cards 

For your coffee loving friends who enjoy playing card games, you can find (with a quick web search) coffee themed playing cards.

We’ve seen a few varieties, but our favorite options contained brewing guides, fun facts, history, and more, all pertaining to our beloved bean on the back of fully functional playing cards.

2- Prescription Coffee Mug

Part playful, part odd, part humorous, part…true.

Okay, let’s face it, there’s likely someone on your holiday gift list who loves coffee…like they really love coffee. Let me rephrase, we’re talking about a coffee habit, ritual, dare I say neeeed!!

So, if you know such a one and happen to be looking for a weird or playful gift, scour the web (there’s a variety available) for a prescription coffee mug.

Basically, we’re talking about a coffee mug that looks like a prescription label, assigning the permission to indulge in copious amounts of java.

3- Edible Sugar Doilies

Looking to give the gift of a beautiful, sweet design to rest atop a freshly brewed cup of coffee?

You can actually buy sugar doilies, you know, those lacy cloth pieces your grandma placed under lamps on the end tables in her living room.

Doilies on tabletops may not be as popular these days, but a touch of sweetness and an aesthetically pleasing cup of coffee will delight many a crowd.

4- Coffee Bean Ice Tray

Have you ever made coffee ice cubes? Freezing coffee (once chilled of course) to later use in an iced coffee, as opposed to water-based ice cubes, keeps your cup of joe from getting watered down.

So, if you have a friend who would enjoy an unusual gift and would love to make some coffee ice cubes to keep their iced coffee full of flavor, then go for a coffee bean ice cube tray…the perfect weird coffee themed gift.

Yep, we’re talking about ice cube trays in the shape of coffee beans. Fill them with coffee and have coffee bean shaped ice to add to any chilled brew.

5- Coffee Soap

While you can actually incorporate the use of used coffee grounds in your skincare routine (they’re great for exfoliation), here we’re sticking with the weird or unusual.

So, for those coffee loving loved ones on your holiday gift list this year, opt for some handmade soaps…that look like actual cups of freshly brewed coffee, of course!

Just present such gifts with a warning. We don’t want anyone sipping soap this holiday season.

Weird…And Pet-Friendly

1- Drink Themed Pet Toys

Looking for a weird gift for your pooch?

I mean, Fido may not get the humor in an odd gift, but you will, so it’s a win-win.

A quick web search will reveal some pretty cleverly themed pet toys, and we thought these were weirdly cute.

Puddles may not get to sample your White Claw or LaCroix, but now he can have his own.

One collection, Muttini, has chew toy offerings like LickCroix Pamplemutt (the plush chew toy resembling a can of La Croix pamplemousse), Barkweiser, and White Paw Muttlennial Mango.

Like the La Croix description above, each chew toy resembles the can it mimics, allowing your furry friend to enjoy a can along with mom or dad.

2- Cat Licking Brush

Not gonna sugar coat it, this one is aptly listed…you know…weird.

While this product doesn’t actually allow one to lick their cat, it does involve placing the end of the brush into your mouth, so when it is used on a feline, the licking sensation is mimicked.

This brush was invented with the notion of allowing cat-owners to connect with and soothe their kitties. And, while some may find it odd, if Fluffy allows it (cats can be temperamental, you know), then it’s all good.

3- Pet Pouch

Parents like to baby-wear, so why can’t pet parents wear their furry friends, right?

Pet holder hoodies come complete with a pouch allowing dog and cat moms and dads to carry their small pets as they move about their homes. Of course, snuggling in your favorite chair with Barkley or Kittikens in tote works just as well.

4- Pooch Selfie

Having trouble getting your pup to smile for your selfies?

Yeah, there’s actually an app for that…well, no, there’s not an app.

But, there is a unique, perhaps some would say weird, product you can purchase that allows you to clip a tennis ball to the top of your phone for those times when you really need to bring out your pooch’s smile for that perfect pet photo op.

5- Treat Tossing Pet Camera

Wanna splurge for your pet loving friends? The Furbo Dog camera is a treat dispenser that comes equipped with a wifi pet camera and 2-way audio, allowing you to check in on, even chat with your furry friend while you’re away from home.

Treat tosses and breaktime chats with your pups? Sounds just weird enough to be wonderful!

Weird…And Musical

1- Musical Toilet Paper

Bim Bam Boo toilet paper produces tree-free toilet paper, the company’s goal being to offset the trees cut down throughout the holiday season.

Gift this specialty toilet paper to your favorite friend, and upon opening the box (generally 6 rolls per box), they’ll be serenaded with a clever jingle-roll tune!

2- Nose Flute

Don’t you just love the airy, rich, mellow, graceful sound of a flute?

With a deep vibrato, the sounds of this woodwind instrument can bring such a calm quiet hush to those taking in this pleasant sound, especially melodies of familiar and soothing Christmas carols.

A nose flute on the other hand, brings no such sound.

When correctly used in traditional Polynesian ensembles, this instrument can create sounds with an open and airy tone.

When the small plastic version is gifted to your nephews, coworkers, and cousins this holiday season, we can’t promise anything other than a few laughs and some potentially weird accompaniment to traditional holiday carols.

3- Thumb Piano

Hmmm, how can we describe this unique, musical, must-have?

Also known as a kalimba, this unusual, but surprisingly delightful, instrument is made of a small wooden board to which small metal tines are staggeringly attached.

While your music loving friends may not be expecting what some would call a weird or random gift, the thumb piano can create some beautifully melodic tunes.

4- Mistaken Lyric Coasters

Prevents condensation rings on furniture and gives a good laugh. That’s a win, even if it's a unique one.

Sometimes intentional, sometimes accidental, we’ve all been guilty of mistakenly hearing song lyrics. And, some have cleverly decided to create unique gifts centered around these lyrical mishearings.

Mistaken lyric coasters feature commonly mistaken lyrics from popular songs on cork coasters, a greatly odd gift and conversational piece.

5- Phone Sound Amplifier

Looking for something less tech-savvy than a Bluetooth speaker? You can actually amplify the music/sound from your phone as it rests in a sound amplifier.

Most of these unusual devices are made of wood, complete with a space to rest your phone and an area carved out which allows music/sound to pass through.

This gift may seem unique, but we’re going with a description of clever rather than weird here.

Weird…And Edible

1- Sriracha Bottle Keychain

This was a toss-up, does it belong in the practical category or the edible category?

Either way, if you’ve got a sriracha loving friend on your holiday gift list, one who likes to bring their spice along for any and all meals, this real sriracha travel-size bottle keychain would make a great, albeit slightly odd, gift.

Hmmm, I once knew a lady who carried a bottle of ranch dressing in her purse for this same purpose; so I wonder if this weirdness spans flavors or if it’s simply limited to spicy condiments?

2- Not Your Mother’s Candy Canes

Remember when candy canes were limited to red and white striped peppermint flavored treats?

Gone are those days!

For some time now consumers have been able to find minty, fruity, sweet, even sour varieties of candy cane flavors.

But now, for those folks on your gift list who like to live on the wild side, there’s evidently (news to us) a whole world of weird candy cane flavors available.

Not your mother’s candy canes isn’t a brand name (that we know of), but these selections, while potentially perfect for weird holiday gifts, are certainly not the candy canes your parents grew up enjoying:
  • Mac n cheese
  • Bacon
  • Pickles
  • Ketchup
  • Shiitake mushroom
  • Pho
  • Ham
  • Clam
  • Kale

And, for those who currently find their eyes bugged and brows raised…nope, we didn’t make up that list. So, if you’re looking for weird and edible (maybe), search and ye shall find.

3- Mixed Bugs

Folks used to enjoy jars of mixed nuts as a delicious seasonal treat. Nowadays, you can skip the nuts and give the gift of bugs.

For those on your gift giving list who enjoy trying new, exotic, and unique (some would say weird, but we’re not judging) treats, you can order bags of edible insects.

You can find these items in many online venues, some of which offer grasshoppers, crickets, silkworms, and sago worms cooked, dehydrated, and salted.

4- Raindrop Cake

For adults and kids, this one did make the internet list of weird gifts, but I’ve gotta say, it sure looks pretty cool if you ask me!

Most find this trending cake to be quite unusual, but when you order a DIY raindrop cake, upon combining the ingredients and following the instructions, you’ll be left with a translucent cake (thus the name raindrop) serving as a blank canvas where you can add any number of flavors to finish off the cake, customizing your final product.

5- Taco Toaster

Okay, so you can’t technically eat this gift, but it does make something, oddly and conveniently, that almost everyone loves…tacos (the shells at least)!

Made for two, this item allows you to safely insert soft flour or corn tortillas into your toaster, producing crispy taco shells for Taco Tuesday…or Taco Everyday!

Weird…And Wearable

1- Beard Ornaments

Have a hairy friend who rocks a beard 24/7? What about your uncle who simply kept the trend going after no shave November?

A set of beard ornaments, properly known as beardaments, are the perfect weird, festive, and decorative gift to spruce up your buddy’s whiskers this season as these colorful mini ornaments are designed to fit beards large and small.

2- Beard Ski Mask

Since we started with beards, we’ll keep with the trend for one more wonderfully weird item: a bearded ski mask.

When your friends and family members head out to the slopes this season, you certainly want them to stay warm and dry while skiing or snowboarding.

And, it’s because you care about their comfort and love their unique personality that you searched high and low for a befitting ski accessory, a mask with styles for everyone: classic country, blond viking, black rasta, the gray beard, merlin, santa, and more.

3- Kayak Backpack

Wearing a huge kayak on your back would create a few issues. So, of course someone thought of a way to fold up a kayak, origami style, so you could carry it on your back, straight up elementary school style.

No worries, the Orukayak claims to be fully functional, it’s just wearable as well.

Weird, convenient, buoyant…what more could your water-loving friends ask for this holiday season?

4- Have Buckle, Will Drink

If you’re searching for a weird gift that also keeps your belt buckle wearing buddies hydrated, you’ve hit the jackpot here!

While technically marketed as a beer can holder, I’m sure the sparkling water loving cowboys on your gift list would appreciate this one as well…a belt buckle that folds out to hold a can: beer, soda, sparkling water, cold brew coffee, or otherwise.

5- Car Umbrella

This one’s actually for your car, not your head, but it certainly made the list of weird holiday gifts.

As the heading suggests, yes, you can actually purchase an umbrella that covers your car. Not a tarp, not an actual car cover, a real (looks real at least), big…I mean huge, umbrella that covers your vehicle.

Protection from weather and a vehicular fashion statement, perfect for your weird holiday gift list! 

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