25 Types Of Espresso Drinks- Pick Your Favorite Here

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It takes just three basic ingredients, such as water, milk, and espresso, to create as many as 25 drinks. Then comes additional ingredients like chocolate, ice cream, and foam to give each drink its signature taste and appearance.

Did you know that the world of espresso goes beyond your everyday Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, and Affogato beverages? There’s also Ristretto, Red Eye, Breve, Freddo, Bicerin, and many more that you may not know of but are popularly enjoyed worldwide.

Ready to dive deeper into the enormous space of caffeinated beverages? Just scroll down!

What Is Espresso Coffee?

Don’t be confused; an espresso refers to a particular drink as well as a brew method. As a drink, it’s a type of strong black coffee with a bold flavor, less acidity, and a full-bodied finish.

When it comes to the brewing process, the Italian origin method involves forcing nearly boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans under 9-10 bars of pressure. One of the biggest pros of espresso is that the extraction process itself is very fast. Hence, your morning caffeine fix can be ready in seconds.

The brewed beverage can then be enjoyed on its own or mixed with other ingredients that birth a wide variety of espresso-based drinks, most of which we’ve listed below.

25 Most Popular Types Of Espresso-Based Drinks In 2023


In its simplest form, espresso is usually served in an espresso cup, a.k.a. demitasse cup. One cup can hold around 2-4 ounces of the drink. Note, 1 ounce of espresso = 1 shot, containing about 64 mg of caffeine. No wonder it’s best consumed during the day!

A traditional espresso recipe includes using a single shot filter and 6-8 grams of finely-ground coffee. You’ll be pleased with a highly concentrated yet rich coffee-flavored drink when done right.


One of Europe’s most beloved coffee drinks, a typical cup of cappuccino, is made with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 hot milk, and topped off with 1/3 foamed milk. It is also the only espresso-based drink that comes with the most foam and is marked by its beautiful array of cappuccino art.

Can’t handle dairy well? No problem. You can order a Dry Cappuccino (more foam and less steamed milk). There’s also a no-steamed milk option, Bone Dry Cappuccino, which only contains espresso with foam on top.


What’s better than one shot of espresso? TWO shots of espresso!

Doppio is an Italian word that means “double.” Likewise, Doppio simply refers to a double shot of espresso. A typical cup contains 60ml of drink. It’s available either hot or iced.

Espresso Con Panna

Named by the motherland of espresso, Espresso Con Panna means Espresso With Cream in Italian. In the UK and France, it’s more popularly known as Café Viennois.

The drink contains one or two shots of espresso finished with a whipped cream topping. If you can’t handle the powerful taste of espresso but still want to enjoy its caffeine kick, you might want to try this variation. After all, the cream rounds out the flavor and provides a nice texture.


Lungo, Italian for long, is made with a single espresso shot. Twice or thrice as much water is then added, resulting in a larger (or longer) coffee than usual.

Taste-wise, lungos are less concentrated but with more bitterness. That’s because a shot pulled for a lungo takes longer, thereby affecting its extraction process.


For many, espresso and alcohol are a classic pairing. If you agree, Corretto is right up your alley. Containing 1-2 espresso shots with a dash of brandy, Corretto beautifully marries the heat of alcohol with the aroma of coffee in a cup. In some cases, the liquor is served alongside the coffee.


Ristretto is a shorter shot of espresso. Meaning it contains only about 20-25ml of drink in a cup. It achieves this with a much faster extraction time, finer coffee grind, and using half as much water.

A coffee lover’s paradise, ristretto is known for its richer, sweeter, and sometimes citrusy flavor.


It’s an Italian word that translates to “short” or “brief.” Also known as Breve Latte or Café Breve, it consists of equal parts espresso, and cream, and whole milk (half and half).

Espresso Macchiato

In the literal sense of the word, espresso macchiato means stained coffee. In a cup, it contains espresso and milk (usually foamed). Espresso content can be single or double, depending on preference. Another name for this drink is Caffé Macchiato.


Invented by Americans but loved all around the world, Americano easily makes it to the list of the top 10 espresso drinks of 2023.

It looks like your everyday black coffee, but there’s one notable difference. While the former is simply brewed coffee with no extra ingredients, Americano is made with espresso shots and hot water. The amount of espresso can be adjusted between 1 and 2 shots to suit your liking.


Like Espresso Macchiato, Cortado contains two ingredients – espresso and milk (but here, it’s steamed instead of foamed). You’ll find multiple variations of the drink containing different ratios of espresso and milk.

Mead Coffee

Mead coffee makes espresso easier to drink. How? It contains sweeteners like honey, along with water and yeast. Mead is made with the fermentation of sugars in honey. And when we mix it with espresso, it results in a less acidic espresso beverage that coffee drinkers will love.


Craving something citric? Try Romano, a combination of espresso and lemon juice with a tad of sugar. Especially popular in Italian cities like Capri and Naples, Romano or Caffé Al Limone brings a citrusy twist to balance out the bold flavors of espresso.

Red Eye

Red Eye blends one shot of espresso with drip coffee; it can’t get simpler than this. However, as simple as it is, Red Eye packs a punch. It contains as much as 300mg of caffeine.

Caffé Latte

Café Latte is among the most popular espresso drinks, especially in the US. As per a 2017 and 2018 report, Americans drank more than 67 million lattes. Unreal!

A true latte drink contains 1-2 shots of espresso, steamed milk, and a layer of frothed milk. And, of course, there’s the barista-made latte art on top.

Raf Coffee

If you thought espressos were only an Italian and American thing, think again. The Raf coffee is made with one espresso shot mixed with cream and vanilla sugar and comes from Russia.

Flat White

Here’s another beverage that makes drinking espresso palatable. Containing 1:4 espresso and milk, Flat White gives you an intense coffee flavor but is not overwhelming. To top it off, it contains a thin layer of froth, like a latte.


Mocha is usually made with a specific type of Arabica coffee beans, then flavored with chocolate. It’s sometimes known as Mocha Latte or Mocaccino.


If you love chocolate as much as we do, you should definitely order a Bicerin at your next café stop. It’s the drink that inspired our modern-day Mocha, made with the same ingredients. The only difference is that the ingredients get served in layers instead of stirred.

Vienna Coffee

With subtle flavor notes of dark chocolate and a smoky aroma, this Viennese coffee replicates Mocha. But it contains more chocolate and a lot of whipped cream. As for the espresso content, a double shot is considered ideal.


Have the names been confusing so far? Marocchino is another chocolate-flavored espresso drink that mixes cocoa powder and one espresso shot, finished with milk foam.


All you need is a frappe coffee frother to make a Freddo. Blending double shots of espresso and topped off with cold foam, Freddo is the quintessential coffee drink of Greece.

Latte Machiatto

A twist on the classic Espresso Machiatto, this variation includes more steamed milk than espresso. It’s an excellent choice for those who like their drinks to be creamier.


Famed for being an Italian coffee dessert, Affogato marries vanilla ice cream with double shots of espresso.

Espresso Laccino

Looking for something to beat the summer heat? Try the ultimate cold espresso in the form of Espresso Laccino. It looks and tastes similar to an Iced Americano.

The Best Espresso Drink – Final Thoughts

If you’re still reading, congratulations; you’re now well-versed in the different types of espresso drinks. What’s the best espresso drink? We leave that to you to decide. That’s subjective, after all. But in our opinion, we’d go with the classic Iced Americano. Not kidding; we’ve been drinking it a lot as the season calls for it!

Go out and try the many variations that espresso has to offer and see which one hits the spot for you.


What is the most popular type of espresso drink?

The most popular type of espresso drink is Caffé Latte, espresso shots, and cappuccinos.

What is a dead eye?

Dead eye is a term referring to three shots of espresso. It’s also known as dripped-eye coffee.

What is the difference between espresso and coffee?

Espresso and coffee are often used interchangeably. But true coffee connoisseurs know these are two different things. The main difference between espresso and coffee lies in that espresso is more concentrated than the latter.

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